Nothing like riding on your sister’s coattails and making bucketloads of cash just because you’re a mooch and a grifter like they are. The Clinton Foundation was nothing but a slush fund for these scumbags…

Sitting in a courtroom three years ago, after skipping out on a sizable legal bill, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s youngest brother struck a reassuring tone: Don’t worry, the money is coming.

“I deal through the Clinton Foundation,” Tony Rodham said, according to court transcripts uncovered by the New York Times. He gave his word that Hillary and Bill were setting him up with Haitian-government permits to build a $22 million housing development in the earthquake-stricken country.

“I hound my brother-in-law, because it’s his fund that we’re going to get our money from,” Rodham explained, promising a $1 million check once the Haitian-government paved the way, enough both to cover the outstanding legal fees and take his family to Disney World.


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The construction deal fell through, but Rodham managed to settle his debt. And the next year, he got another crack at making money in Haiti’s heavily-regulated economy when he joined the advisory board of a company, VCS Mining, which was developing a gold mine on the island. He’d met the company’s CEO at a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative. “I go to see old friends [at the meetings,]” Rodham told the Washington Post, “but you never know what can happen.”

From the moment the Clintons walked through the White House doors in January of 1993, Rodham has proven remarkably adept at harnessing their political horsepower for his personal gain. His schemes don’t always pan out, and they have caused numerous headaches for Hillary and Bill. But Rodham’s fortunes have always been tied to theirs, his bank account waxing and waning in time with the Clintons’ political prospects. He may lack their sophistication, but to many observers, Tony is the unvarnished embodiment of the Clintons’ decades-long dance with crony capitalism.

Rodham sits atop of a pile of money acquired through a vast tangle of enterprises just a little less secret and complex than those of his sister and brother-in-law. “There’s really no better definition of what this is,” says David Bossie, president of the conservative group Citizens United and a longtime Clinton foe. “This is a person who is not directly the principal, but he’s the brother – or, in the 1990s, the brother-in-law – of the president, using these open doors of family to shake people down.” Tony is the unvarnished embodiment of the Clintons’ decades-long dance with crony capitalism.

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