Within miles? Huh? In an attempt to criticize President Trump for how he is handling the escalating tension with North Korea, Hillary Clinton embarrassed herself by demonstrating she knows little about the Korean peninsula.

During an interview on “The Rachel Maddow Show,” the failed 2016 presidential candidate said “The president has basically insulted and attacked South Korea. South Korea is literally, you know, within miles of the border with North Korea. They would be so at risk if something were done by Kim Jong Un.”

It’s hard to know where to being on this hot mess of an interview/monologue from Clinton. It just makes you so happy she’s not president.
Clinton acts like an expert on foreign diplomacy…that’s laughable considering she couldn’t even get a “restart button” with the Russians right.

She’s developed a slight lisp and a very arrogant attitude towards the Trump administration. She claims to know there is no talking going on between North Korea and the U.S. Really? She’s spouting off without knowing the truth. You can tell she’s winging it. A true grifter…

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Steve Bannon said Clinton isn’t very smart…We believe him!

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