Yes, he did say that…bad grammar and all! Can you believe a man running for VP said something like that? 

Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., drew applause Thursday at the National Urban League conference in Baltimore for saying black lives are every bit as important and worthy of commemoration as the lives of the early American settlers, and for noting his public apology for slavery.

VP Kaine wants to memorialize the 400th anniversary of the arrival of slaves at Jamestown because…Black Lives Matter.

Everybody is equal, he said. No kidding.

“”As governor of Virginia, I did something that no other governor done: I officially apologized on behalf of the commonwealth of Virginia for slavery,” he added. “I done the same thing as mayor of Richmond. I worked … to plan, fundraise and then construct and unveil a civil rights memorial on our capital grounds,” he boasted.

Aside from the bad grammar, why is he apologizing for something he didn’t do for people who had nothing to do with slavery to people who were never enslaved? It’s an apology for one purpose only – to pander.

Maybe he should apologize for the Crusades and the the Great Depression while he’s at it. It makes as much sense.

The far-left candidate’s remarks were part of a larger address focused on criminal justice reform and “social justice.”

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