Within Hillary Clinton’s stump speeches, she describes a “working class” upbringing where her dad toiled away making draperies…You’d think it was a true working class environment for little Hillary Rodham but it wasn’t. Her upbringing was actually more upper middle class than “working class”. This is really what we’ve come to expect from Hillary Clinton. Many of her other “recollections” have been proven false. In fact, it’s been so many that we can’t begin to name them all! This makes you wonder if she even realizes that people in this day and age can fact check pretty easily. 

Check out the video at the bottom of this article where she describes her struggles…

In speeches on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton has portrayed her upbringing as “working class.” She talks about how her father eked out a living making drapery to support his family. A nice story, but a check of the facts proves otherwise. Hillary Clinton’s childhood home is proof she is misleading her supporters about her beginnings. In truth, her family was upper-middle class (at worst), and their wealth gave Hillary a good life, and an opportunity to attend Yale University.

Located at 235 N. Wisner St. in the affluent Chicago suburb of Park Ridge, the Clinton childhood home is a beautiful two-story house that her father paid for in full, in cash. He was the owner of a successful drapery business and did quite well.

Clinton was able to attend Wellesley College, a private women’s college in Massachusetts. She then went on to Yale, which, of course, all kids from working class families do. It was at Yale that Hillary met Bill Clinton. Hillary was raised a conservative Republican, but was radicalized in college and became a Democrat.

It should be noted that a childhood friend that went to high school with Clinton recalls that she ran for Student Council President once. She wanted to be the first female Student Council President in her school’s history…She lost.


Via: Silence is Consent

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