Pathetic little basement dweller and original Occupier, turned Democrat Party Presidential hopeful. Is it any wonder young indoctrinated college students adore him? Just wait until they get there first paycheck. Just watch how quickly they feel the #Bern when 90% of their paycheck has been given away to someone the government deems “more deserving.” 

The photo of Bernie’s arrest surfaced this week from a Chicago protest in August 1063.

Here’s Bernie being arrested at civil rights rally. It doesn’t look like Bernie has many friends willing to help him out of his jam:

** After leaving school Bernie was a bum who didn’t earn his first steady paycheck until age 40. Bernie would use an extension cord and steal electricity from a neighbor because he couldn’t keep his lights on.


Bernie’s friends said he was a slob who lived in a shack with a dirt floor. He later wrote about masturbation and rape for left-wing rags for $50 a story.

Bernie had his electricity cut off a lot so he’d run an extension cord down to the basement. He couldn’t pay his bills.

Today Bernie is running for president so he can redistribute your money.

The LA Times reported:

A Chicago Tribune archival photo of a young man being arrested in 1963 at a South Side protest is Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, his campaign has confirmed, bolstering the candidate’s narrative about his civil rights activism.

The black-and-white photo shows a 21-year-old Sanders, then a University of Chicago student, being taken by Chicago police toward a police wagon. An acetate negative of the photo was found in the Tribune’s archives, said Marianne Mather, a Chicago Tribune photo editor.

“Bernie identified it himself,” said Tad Devine, a senior adviser to the campaign, adding that Sanders looked at a digital image of the photo. “He looked at it — he actually has his student ID from the University of Chicago in his wallet — and he said, ‘Yes, that indeed is (me).’” Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, was traveling Friday near Reno, Nev., on the eve of the state’s Democratic presidential caucuses. via: Gateway Pundit

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