The media would like Americans to believe that President Donald J. Trump, the father of five wonderful children, is a monster. Those who have been close to him, and those who’ve had the opportunity to see him in private moments, when no one is looking, and when it counts the most, have repeatedly reported about his compassion, his kindness and his generosity.

Jimmy Villaroto, a Hispanic-American soccer coach and El Paso Walmart shooting hero, told the Washington Examiner a story that the mainstream media would never report.

El Paso Walmart shooting hero, Jimmy Vallatoro

The Washington Examiner reports – When a friend called in a panic on Saturday with news that his wife had been shot, he knew he needed to get to the scene. He knew there were other mothers and children outside the Walmart superstore running a lemonade stand to raise money for their soccer team.

He arrived at the same time as a friend, who ran straight to the canopy set up for the stall.

“He finds one of our coaches, Memo Garcia,” said Villatoro. “He had been shot four times. He and another coach had shielded a family so they could run.”

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He ignored the sight of blood and bodies to try to find the children who had been selling lemonade. He led them to safety after they called to him from their hiding place behind a car in the parking lot.

He helped get his friend’s wounded wife, who had been shot in the leg, to an ambulance. But amid the chaos, the paramedics said they could only deal with the most critically wounded so Villatoro got her to a passerby with a van who took her to hospital.

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The gunman was still on the loose as Villatoro went back and forth in the parking lot accounting for the soccer team’s children and helping the wounded find transport.

Jimmy Villatoro and his friend Ray Garcia tell their story here:

“One of the children went up to hug him so he got down on one knee to let him,” said Jimmy Villatoro, who described meeting the president at the city’s University Medical Center, where many of the wounded were treated.

“It was a different side of him, one that you don’t see in public,” Villatoro said in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

President Trump visiting a victim of the El Paso Walmart shooting.

Villatoro said his personal touch away from the cameras was far from divisive and was welcomed by the people he met. There were no politics behind closed doors, he added.

“He made sure my family was OK, asking after my wife and son,” he said.

“We met him face to face, and he and Melania were amazing, checking we were okay, offering any kind of help, if we needed someone to talk to. We told him that Democrats, Republicans, we were all united in this city.”

Is there anything First Lady Melania Trump enjoys more than being around children? Whether in a hospital, at the White House Easter Egg Roll or visiting family members of a tragedy, Melania’s face lights up every time she interacts with kids. It’s no wonder she chose to make helping kids in America a priority, through her “Be Best” initiative.

Are you sick and tired of watching our media destroy this compassionate and loving couple, who goes out of their way to be there for those in need?  Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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