You can see why President Trump is such a great leader. He is loved by the men behind him. This might not include everyone but it’s a start. Please note that the comments by everyone about POTUS are glowing:

Isn’t it interesting that there stands Ryan and McConnell speaking in glowing terms about Trump. They couldn’t stand they guy and now they’re right there with him.

VP Mike Pence- “President Donald Trump delivered a great victory for the American people!”

VP Pence focused on the “forgotten men and women of America”.

Tim Scott spoke about the Investing Opportunity Act that will bring trillions into the disadvantaged communities of America. Scott said this isn’t about the left or right but about Americans who are looking for a way to be hopeful in the coming year. The average family looking for ways to be hopeful swill find hope in this tax reform bill. This plan doubles the child tax credit. “It speaks to the hearts of everyday Americans”.

The most incredible speech was from Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. Wow!


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