The conservative Hodge twins made an incredible video to prove that Black Lives Matter is all a “lie”

The Hodge Twins explain how they can’t go anywhere without some group or organization asking for a donation to Black Lives Matter, “Anywhere you go, Grub Hub, Uber Eats, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,” they say. One of the twins adds, “Please donate to Black Lives Matter.”  “I’m tired of this damn lie, so I’m gonna expose it.” He continued, “I’m not gonna tell you, I gotta show you because if I don’t show you, you gonna call me a liar, and a sellout, an Uncle Tom and a Coon.”

The twins show several examples of police brutality against non-black Americans to prove their case that not all cases of police brutality are against blacks. In their first case, of an unarmed white man begging for his life with his hands up, as he’s shot several times by a police officer for putting his hand down. In an interview with the police, they said they thought the unarmed man was going for his gun. The police officer was acquited.

“Just imagine if his name was Tyrone?” they asked. “It would be front-page news,” they said.

The Hodge Twins go on to show several more cases of white people being unjustly killed by law enforcement, including one man who police officers laughed about after he was dead. “You didn’t hear about it because he was white,” they said, adding,” Imagine if he was black, two black officers standing over him and laughing!”

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Look how it’s divided our country! they exclaimed. “It’s all BS!” they said, adding, “It’s all a lie. It’s a lie to simply make Black people feel less American than everybody else.” “Yes, to keep black people indebted to the Democrat Party!”

Watch the incredible video of the Hodge twins here:

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