According to The Daily Mail, court documents show that Hunter Biden has plenty of time to blow paint through straws to stave off insanity, but has had no time to ever meet his child.

In a report by the Daily Mail, it is noted that the mother of Hunter Biden’s illegitimate child is now engaged to an amateur MMA fighter.  It is also noted, however, that court records show Hunter has still never bothered to meet the child.

“Recovering-drug addict Hunter, meanwhile, has never met Navy Joan and could not pick her out of a photo lineup, according to court filings.

She is also yet to meet her grandfather Joe, 78, despite the President eulogizing his love for his six other grandchildren and inviting them on stage when he claimed victory in November’s election.

Navy Joan gets none of the perks, nor the round-the-clock Secret Service protection enjoyed by the rest of the 46th President’s brood after he took office last week.

However family friends say the blonde-haired toddler is ‘adorable, loved, safe and very happy’ as she grows up blissfully unaware of her proximity to the caustic world of US politics.

This makes sense since he denied the childs existance until a paternity test was forced on him which proved he was the father.”

Hunter is a deadbeat drug addict, of course.  If just one or two of the massive allegations against him regarding bribes and foreign deals are true, he has countless gobs of money and plenty of influence.  Yet, he just didn’t want to pay up for the child he created, so he fought the mother in court.

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Below, is the court document regarding Hunter’s paternity test:

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The Bidens are a great family, aren’t they?

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