In 2015 Director of “Selma,” Ava Duvernay was snubbed by the Academy Award panel when neither she, nor any of the actors in “Selma” were nominated for awards. They showed up in “I can’t breathe” t-shirts as a way to protest being choked for resisting arrest, what they believed to be a “racist” snub from the panel of Academy Award voters, some of the most liberal nut-jobs in America.


But that’s another story…Make a sub-standard movie…win sub-standard prizes.

Moving on to 2017…

Who has time to worry about slights against black actors or directors this year, it’s TRASH TRUMP time, and regardless of FACTS (like uh…the FACT that Obama and his DHS actually created the list of “Muslim Majority” countries who Trump used in his temporary ban) DuVernay showed up wearing a dress she claims was made in a “majority Muslim” country. How very progressive…  

Here’s our response to her on Twitter:

If you’re going to attempt to represent how women REALLY look in Muslim majority nations, we’re happy to provide you with a few actual pictures. We’re just two moms with teenage daughters who want to see our girls grow up in a Sharia-free zone. So while you’re out at the Academy’s pretending there’s something glamorous about being a woman in a majority Muslim nation, you might want to consider what you’re promoting. Here’s a few more photos of women’s fashion in majority Muslim nations…just for fun:

burka 4 burka 3

The full burka is great for a day of shopping with friends who are also in full burkas on a 150 degree day in a “majority Muslim” nation.

lunch time

If you’re lucky enough to get special permission to drive in Saudi Arabia or one of the other middle eastern nations that prohibits women from driving, you might want to make sure you don’t move around to much in your seat…just in case your eye slit shifts. Talk about a blind spot!

saudi driver woman saudi

So next time you’re going to wear a dress that represents Muslim women from majority Muslim nations, maybe you should remember the burka…You don’t want to be caught dead without one in Yemen…or something like that. 


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