On March 10, 2020, Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks and his actress wife Rita Wilson announced on Instagram that they both tested positive for coronavirus. Hanks is in Australia with his wife while filming an Elvis movie. In his statement on Instagram, the actor assured his fans that he and his wife were receiving the proper medical care and  that they would be “observed and isolated for as long as public health and safety requires.” Hanks explained that the symptoms he and his wife experienced included being a bit tired like they had colds and “somebody aches.”

While Rita Wilson’s views on President Trump aren’t clear, the Twitter account of her son, Colin Hanks, is littered with hateful, and highly critical anti-Trump propaganda. In one of his recent tweets, Hanks mocks President Trump for calling out the WHO for hiding data about the Wuhan coronavirus in China.

Today, Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson announced that after taking chloroquine, the medicine that President Trump has been praising as a cure for coronavirus, that she suffered “extreme side effects.” While Wilson admits that she is now cured, she refuses to credit the medicine President Trump has been touting as a cure.

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The Hill reports – Hanks cited milder symptoms than Wilson, who was given chloroquine for her treatment, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Wilson said she was not sure if the drug worked or if her fever broke naturally. However, regardless of whether the drug worked, she said she thinks it caused “extreme side effects” that made her nauseous, dizzy and weakened her muscles.

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She added, “people have to be very considerate about that drug. We don’t really know if it’s helpful in this case.”


The drugs, previously proven to treat infections such as malaria, have been issued an emergency use authorization, which is still not a full approval for the drug’s treatment for the coronavirus.

Wilson added that she and Hanks feel “completely normal” with no lingering or residual symptoms of the virus.

Maybe it’s just me—but I’m pretty sure if a drug saves me from a deadly disease that makes you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck, the last thing I’m going to do is warn others that the potentially life-saving drug may make them temporarily dizzy, nauseous or weak.

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