Leo must be drinking the climate change Kool-Aid: “It is the most existential human crisis that the world has ever known, in my opinion.”

Fresh from filming The Revenant, DiCaprio and the film’s director Alejandro Iñárritu recounted how they experienced the devastating affects of climate change on location in Argentina in the nine months that it took to make the movie. Yep, he really believes all this bs. This would all be funny except for the fact that DiCaprio is head of a multimillion-dollar environmental lobby group, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, and a producer of documentaries on climate change.

DiCaprio just gave $15 million to environmental causes last year.

Here he’s pictured with the commie head of the UN:2A87262D00000578-3161155-image-a-105_1436892335449

Read more: Breitbart

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