I feel really bad for Brett Kavanaugh as he’s going through his hearings to get sworn into the Supreme Court and has the entire thing turned into a circus side-show full of Hollywood freaks who think people care what they say. Everything from celebrities getting arrested to people having mental breakdowns on social media, it’s all about the “likes” for the unhinged liberals and all about the country for Trump’s supporters and the people he wishes to represent the SCOTUS.

Piper Perabo got arrested and bragged about it. She wasn’t the only one arrested, but when she bragged about it, it only took moments for her to get majorly owned by people who are more mentally aware and responsible.

This girl went from dancing in a bar movie to thinking we care what she says about politics? No thanks. Not only that, but she’s bragging about getting arrested and thinks she’s fighting against some force that will magically take women’s rights away? Wrong again. She must be living in her own scripted movie playing out in her head, because what she’s doing just makes her a bad role model for women who might want to be like her. She’s falling apart and doesn’t see it. How long until Piper is the next Rosie?

Piper said “This morning I was arrested with women from @womensmarch @CPDAction @lsarsour @jeppsaddison @HeidiSpeaks @woodra @WaywardWinifred. Proud to stand with them, and stand up for equal rights.

#StopKavanaugh #BrettBye”

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Shortly after Piper Perabo bragged about her arrest, she was dealt with by Candace Owens, a prominent and well-known Conservative who called her out immediately and made Perabo look like a clown.

Candace is right. You really do have to be a special kind of idiot to act like the buffoons we’ve seen today during Kavanaugh’s Senate hearing. She said “You have to be a special kind of idiot to get arrested for “women’s rights” alongside @lsarsour, an Islamist who supports sharia law and the forced mutilation of women’s genitals overseas.

Indeed, if stupidity was the crime, they should have held you without bail.”

If you’re wondering about who said the comment about the “Motherf***ing Soulless GOP Scum” then that would be none other than Danny Zuker who works on the Modern Family show. He said “Pardon my legalese but these motherf-cking soulless GOP scum gargglers were able to find it in their ossified hearts the power to kill a SCOTUS nom by delaying for a F-CKING YEAR, but they can’t wait a couple weeks so we can research the pick of an unindicted co-conspirator?!”

Maybe this guy should have told old Ruth Bader Ginsburg or someone else to retire from the SCOTUS when Obama was in office. Ruth is like 200-years old and wants to keep working, even though she’s been caught sleeping on the job. Rumors have it she was on the ark when Noah gathered all the animals. It was Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Moses who wrote the ten commandments. Seriously folks, why are people who are 90-years-old still working with SCOTUS? Shouldn’t they retire?

Democrats like her had their chance to retire when Obama was milking the White House for eight years. He could have had his pick of replacements if members of his SCOTUS would have left. Now it’s Trump’s turn and they missed their chance. THEY HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT!!

Ron Perlman who is best known as Hellboy and the worst character in Sons of Anarchy chimed in. I should remind Perlman that everyone hates Clay Morrow and cheered when Jax shot him in the neck. He also looked like a doofus with what he said about the Kavanaugh senate hearing.

“This most current clown show in the Senate, all this jockeying re: Kavanaugh, has revealed what is regrettably an immutable truth: the GOP has devolved into a bunch of thugs that will rig even the duties the Constitution has laid out to win a fight they would otherwise lose.”

He must have missed the part where the ladies in costumes showed up, or perhaps the 100+ clown protesters who were arrested, or the handmaids who showed up stupidly wearing red, accidentally promoting the Republicans in color. I know where the clowns are and they’re all Democrats, buddy.

Kumail Nanjiani, a guy who does something on Amazon’, shared Fred Guttenberg’s tweet of him trying to shake Kavanaugh’s hand. Kavanaugh backed up not knowing what was going on or why this strange man was approaching him out of nowhere. With all the other nonsense going on at the event, it made sense for Kavanaugh to back up.

Who knows what this man was attempting. Fred lost his child in the Parkland shooting, but how was Kavanaugh supposed to know that? Nanjiani shared his post and misleads people by making it look like Kavanaugh personally refused to shake the hands of someone who lost their child in a horrible event.

That’s not the truth and Nanjiani is basically sharing the misleading fake news. He said “All of 2018 summed up in one pic.” He should have shown pictures of the Democrats having meltdowns and getting arrested, because that sums up 2016-2018 very nicely.


Cynthia Nixon spoke up. I can’t take anything she says seriously because her team was trying to say that room temperature is sexist. That right there lost any and all credibility she ever had the chance of having. She said, “As Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings begin today, I can’t help but think of my mother and the story of her illegal abortion.”

Thanks for not making any sense, Cynthia. Go back to talking about room temperature and get back to us when you have something intelligent to say. No one is losing any rights when Kavanaugh takes the spot on SCOTUS. Give me a break with this fake outrage. If Trump wasn’t president, then these people wouldn’t care who was taking over a spot on the SCOTUS.

Alyssa Milano couldn’t help herself. She’s one of the most irrelevant celebrities out there. It’s a shame because out of all the celebrity crybabies I see, she’s one of the only attractive ones who could probably land a few really cool acting jobs if she stopped being so unlikable.

She openly supports a guy who has some very shady background in Florida. That’s not looking good for her! She’s just a few notches above the people like Kathy Griffin and Rosie O’Donnell. She said “I’m not going to stop talking about this.

I’m not going to stop asking you to participate.

Because we need you to save America.

I wish I were kidding.

Please consider:

– sending a few postcards NOW (link)
– making calls tomorrow: 202-804-8191”

Thanks, Alyssa, but I’m not going to listen to you. You were cool on the witch show, but that’s about it. America does not need to be saved. If she stopped to pay attention, then she might notice something positive in her life and all around. Her fake outrage is her longest lasting acting role so far. At least it is to me. She’s been acting like a child ever since Trump won.

Disgraced Kathy Griffin, who recently grossed people out by dancing topless, said “I love @KamalaHarris” and that was the more tame tweet of the day. No one really cares though, Kathy, because you got fired by Squatty Potty and we’re still laughing at that.

Rosie O’Donnell seemingly hates everything that is relative to Donald Trump because they simply hate each other. It made sense that she opened her gaping mouth on Twitter to say “i support every woman protesting the kavanaugh appointment #NOonKAVANAUGH” but oh well. What Rosie says doesn’t really matter and she’s shown her true colors enough over the years. Anyone who aligns themselves with her is questionable in my opinion.

Does anyone know the reason why Hollywood award shows are so bad? Well, I think you know the answer now.


Thank you, Justin Caruso, for the idea behind this story. It was a hilarious motivation and you did a great job on your piece.

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