Hell just froze over!

During a discussion over President Trump’s address to the nation tonight from our southern border wall, CNN’s Chris Cuomo stunned viewers when he stood up to the hard-left CNN host, Don Lemon. The conversation started when Lemon attempted to argue that news outlets shouldn’t cover the live address, because, in Lemon’s view, anything Trump says should be considered, “propaganda”. Never mind, that CNN’s primary purpose is to push propaganda for the Socialist-Democrat Party.

CNN host Don Lemon asked Chris Cuomo if he thought there should be a “delay” of President Trump’s live address to the nation tonight? Cuomo, who usually reserves his “have you lost your damn mind?” look for conservatives he doesn’t agree with, couldn’t help himself. One look by Cuomo, made it perfectly clear to everyone watching that he thought Lemon had crossed a very serious line with his radical idea about how to censor President Trump during his live broadcast.

Cuomo doubled down with his admonition of Lemon:”He has his right to make his argument to the Aemrican people, and by the way—wanting barriers along the border is not propaganda. It’s not immoral. It’s not wrong.” Lemon, who was clearly embarrassed for being exposed as a liberal hack during his own show by a fellow CNN host,

“It’s not a panacea, it’s not a cure-all. There are other aspects and other technologies that go along with that,” Lemon sheepishly added.

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