Faith Goldy, a reporter for the Rebel Media went to the longest undefended international border in the world. What she found is stunning. The 49th parallel separates Canada from the United States. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has literally invited the world into Canada. It appears that they have taken him up on his invitation. This story exposes a corrupt network of human traffickers who are making a huge profit on moving ILLEGAL unvetted refugees from one country to another, while putting the national security of both the US and Canada in jeopardy.

You’ll never guess which mainstream TV network is right around the corner from this operation! 


Illegal “refugees” are flooding the 49th parallel from all over America to ILLEGALLY cross into Canada. According to Rebel Media’s report, this is a well-organized effort with an American cab company and Greyhound as well as US and Canadian border agents working together to help loosely vetted illegal “fake refugees” cross the border from the US into Canada.


Here’s how it works: A Greyhound bus or “runners” help to deliver (or TRAFFIC) “fake refugees” from all over the United States to an agreed upon location, where the Town Taxi cab company picks them up and for a fee. Next, the illegal refugees are taken to the Town Taxi cab company headquarters where one man, who says his name is “Victor,” does all of the “vetting” of these “refugees” by himself. Victor was surprisingly open with the Rebel Media reporter. He said that their job is to make sure the “ones who are not here legally” “get across the border.” He quickly corrected himself and said they help them to “get to the border”. He claims the “refugees” are brought to the office to be interviewed by him. He also claims that the “vetting” process actually starts to take place when the driver gets them into their cabs, Victor then does a more thorough job of vetting them once they get to his office. When the Rebel Media reporter asked Victor how he can be sure that he’s properly vetting these illegal refugees, he responded: Well, there’s no real way to tell if anyone’s a good person or not. Um, we just go off what our gut tells us.” (Feeling safer yet?) Next, the cab company contacts “the other side” (the Canadian border agents) where Victor claims they have a “direct line” with the border agents to let them know they (the “refugees) are coming. It’s really quite stunning to see how calm the illegal refugees are when confronted with being “arrested” by the US border agents as they attempt to cross the border into Canada.

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As the story unfolds, Faith Goldy accidentally discovers that in the middle of this human trafficking ring is a NBC satellite station. Here is her rant after making the discovery:”So, a flood of fake refugees, the vast majority of whom are single men from the middle east, illegally entering Canada from the United States. A country’s-wide network…Trafficking humans to Canada for a fee…All at the Prime Minister’s invitation. It’s a huge story, a wild story and yet, the mainstream media refuses to cover it, even if it’s unfolding in their own backyard…literally!” 

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Watch the video here:   

This story is absolutely stunning. What makes it even more stunning is the fact that NBC has an office in the center of this trafficking ring, yet it would appear that they’re ignoring this very obvious, and very serious crime that is being committed in their own backyard.

It’s horrifying to imagine what would have happened to these illegal refugees, who are desperately trying to get to Canada if Donald Trump was not elected. If Hillary was our president, these unvetted ILLEGAL refugees wouldn’t fear being deported and would be living in our cities and neighborhoods. If Hillary Clinton was our president they would have no fear of being deported. They would likely be given benefits, and eventually citizenship with full voting rights (as long as they promised to vote for Democrats).

This human trafficking operation is just one of how many more in upstate New York? How many more operations like this one exist along the “longest undefended international border in the world”? 

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