FBI raids retired couple’s Texas residence because they attended January 6th… But they didn’t even enter the Capitol Building

The FBI continued its unjust crackdown on January 6th demonstrators when they raided the house of a retired couple in Texas last week. The Federal agents busted down the couple’s door, threw flash-bangs, and then handcuffed them before proceeding to search the residence.

The couple, Lora DeWolfe and Darrel Kennemer, attended the January 6th rally but went no further than the Capitol’s steps and caused neither harm nor damage to anyone.

The FBI did not arrest them and eventually produced a search warrant, claiming that Kennemer was suspected of “assaulting, resisting, or impeding” officers and “entering restricted building or grounds” on the day of the 6th.

All, allegedly, because of a blurry photograph of a man vaguely resembling Kennemer.

“I vacillate between feeling mad and helpless,” stated DeWolfe. “I was really sad. We just wanted an honest election.”

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“They’re corrupt, and they’re trying to scare us,” Kennemer added.

Kennemer also believes that they were targeted merely for being at the rally.

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The FBI arrived in a white car early on the morning of June 22nd.

Kennemer, unsure of who it was but concerned due to the gate alarm going off, went outside with his AR-15 rifle. The FBI exited the car, demanded that he drop his weapon, and flash-banged him when he asked for a warrant.

Darrel Kennemer holding a flash-bang thrown at him by the FBI. Photo by Lora DeWolfe.

The FBI, who did not show a warrant until the end of the raid, came up empty-handed but confiscated a Trump beanie, a black coat, and the couple’s phones which contained photos from January 6th.

Additionally, the flash-bangs thrown by the FBI frightened the couple’s dogs, causing one to run away.

The response by federal law enforcement against law-abiding, patriotic citizens, is consistently aggressive, unjust, and unwarranted since the Biden regime entered power.

Mistreatment of January 6th demonstrators is rampant, and the FBI is being used as a beat stick against the opposition. This is Biden’s America.

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