We might at well get this out there…Jeh Johnson is a traitor to America. He agreed that the US cannot properly vet Muslim refugees but he’s now going to an event to bash Trump.


Have you ever noticed how DHS Director Jeh Johnson repeatedly lies or answers questions with very vague answers? I can name numerous times he’s given smug and incomplete answers when testifying about immigration and terrorism. Of course, the press has done nothing to expose this incompetence and the background of our Homeland Security Director…nothing. He was basically gifted the job at the DHS after his job as a bundler for Obama. Anyone who has been paying attention knows there’s something strange going on here. Well, here’s your lightbulb moment:
The ineffectiveness and incompetence of the Department of Homeland Security under the clueless moonbat Jeh Johnson may have you wondering what possible qualifications he might have, other than being black and a bundler of campaign donations for Obama. He has exactly one. Like Obama himself, he is a red diaper baby:

While speaking to Muslims [since the San Bernardino attack], Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson revealed why he’s so protective of them. He compared growing suspicions cast on them to the plight of his communist kin.

Johnson dropped the bombshell that his grandfather had been investigated for communism and un-American activities. We can’t say we’re surprised. Add him to the parade of Red diaper babies in the Cabinet, including top White House advisor Valerie Jarrett, former political advisor David Axelrod and President Obama himself.

No wonder this administration isn’t interested in monitoring radical Muslims for terrorist connections.

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“In 1949, during the McCarthy era, my own grandfather was called upon to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee, to deny he was a member of the Communist Party and defend the patriotism of African-Americans,” Johnson said in a speech to the ADAMS Center in Sterling, Va., a mosque founded by alleged radical Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

“Today his grandson is responsible for the homeland security of this entire nation,” he boasted.

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He likened the current climate of “fear, suspicions and prejudice” against Muslim immigrants to the Red scare and McCarthyism his grandfather, Charles S. Johnson, lived under in the 1940s and 1950s.
In 1949, Johnson, a sociologist and president of predominantly black Fisk University, was dragged before the House Un-American Activities Committee and “asked to deny if he is or ever has been a member of the Communist Party.”
The panel had good cause to investigate. Communists hadn’t just infiltrated Fisk as professors, but Johnson had readily hired them, including Giovanni “Ross” Lomanitz, a known communist operative.
Even after Lomanitz’s communist loyalties were exposed, Johnson spoke out on his behalf. Johnson then hired and defended yet another communist, math professor Lee Lorch. Johnson initially refused to fire him, but relented under withering criticism.
There was also the issue of Johnson’s own membership in communist fronts such as the National Sharecroppers Fund.
Johnson denied the charges and called the hearings a “witch hunt.” But the charges stuck.
After he died of a massive heart attack, grandson Jeh Charles Johnson took his name.
Of course, none of this came out in the younger Johnson’s confirmation hearings.
We only this summer learned that old FBI papers reveal hard-core communism in Jarrett’s family.
Her Chicago kin, who were known as “concealed communists,” included her late father, James E. Bowman. He was involved with communist front groups and was in contact with a paid Soviet agent in the 1950s who was wanted for espionage.
Via: Investor’s Business Daily

That means the danger Joe McCarthy is maligned to this day for heroically attempting to protect us against has come to pass. It means that we are in deep trouble….


The largest Muslim gathering in the U.S. is taking place in Rosemont this weekend.

The annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America will feature several guest speakers, including Khizr and Ghazala Khan, who made national headlines by criticizing Donald Trump during the Democratic National Convention.

They are set to speak twice at the convention. The Khans are Gold Star parents who lost their son while he was serving in Iraq. The couple got into a heated exchange with Donald Trump, when Khizr Khan spoke against Trump’s Muslim immigration policy.

This convention is the largest of its kind in North America with speakers, seminars and products catered to the Muslim community. The idea is to bring more understanding and acceptance of the Muslim faith.

“ISNA is one of the most inclusive Muslim organizations in America. We have 48 percent female speakers this year I am very happy to say. That is something that is unprecedented among American Muslim organizations, and God willing next year we will have an even greater percentage percentage,” said Hazem Vata of the Islamic Society of North America.

The theme for this year’s convention is “Navigating Challenges, Seizing Opportunities.” The group is promoting the teachings of Islam.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson will address the conference Saturday night.

Via: ABC7

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