Caleb Bonham recorded the video below of a violent homeless man hitting people with a pipe. The police chief stated that Denver’s legalized marijuana has attracted a large population of homeless people. This is yet another reason to carry a gun!

DENVER (KABC) — A homeless man was caught on camera swinging a large pipe, smashing people in a terrifying rampage.

Video of the man attacking people with the PVC pipe at downtown Denver’s popular 16th Street Mall was posted to Facebook by Caleb Bonham on Wednesday.

The enraged man violently attacked anyone who came near him, even lunging at people.

The man was eventually tackled by officers and subdued.

Two people were possibly injured, but refused treatment, according to Denver police.

Denver’s police chief said more transients have flooded into Colorado because marijuana is now legal in that state.
Caleb Bonham recorded this video: WARNING VIOLENT FOOTAGE: This is the crap that is going on in downtown Denver, Colorado. The 16th Street Mall is unpatrolled and people are getting hurt. This is why I am posting this. Nothing is being done. The leaders in our city keep saying they are going to do something. When?
We called 911 immediately and I pray those injured in this video recover fully! I am tired of seeing people get hurt and I love my city too much to see it go down like this.


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