After a pro-Hillary thug destroyed Donald Trump’s Hollywood star,  a homeless woman, who also happens to be a Trump supporter, took it upon herself to protect the star from being damaged again. A group of Hillary supporting thugs decided it would be fun to verbally abuse, threaten and bully her and then to knock her down.

Update: A GoFundMe page has been set up!

The woman’s name is Denise Scott.
You can donate to her here.

All funds will go to provide Denise care:
– Immediate & Affordable Housing
– Health Assessment and Medical Treatment
– Food Supplies
– Winter and Summer Clothing / Shoes / Hygiene Products
– Personal Identification Registration as Needed (Licenses, SS Card, Birth Certificate, etc.)
– Employment Assistance

Please donate here and pass it on.

Watch here:

After Trump saw this horrible video, he asked his attorney to find this woman, he said he wanted to give her a gift.

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The homeless woman seen in this video has allegedly now been identified on Twitter and other social media outlets as Denise Scott.

In 2013, Denise Scott met up with Chris Mack, an outreach worker with JWCH Institute in Los Angeles’ Skid Row neighborhood. Denise Scott may be homeless and she may have been forgotten, even ignored by our society, but she believes in Donald J. Trump and she’s not afraid to stand up and defend him.  She believes Americans need to take care of their own citizens before allowing illegal aliens to flood our country looking for handouts from our government.


Denise Scott may be homeless, but she represents a portion of the silent majority in America who are sick and tired of watching politicians putting their own interests and those of special interest groups and lobbyists  before the American citizens who elected them.

Denise Scott shouts angrily over the way America has forgotten her.

“We don’t need no more illegals comin’ over here!” she screams from a Skid Row sidewalk littered with chicken bones, paper plates and discarded clothes.

Daily News Staff photograph by Hans Gutknecht

“Fix the problems in this country! I need a place to live!”

Christopher Mack, a lead community outreach worker for a health clinic in the heart of Los Angeles’ Skid Row, squats next to her. He softly tells her to calm down, to breathe, to remember to see her case worker in the morning about housing.

He also wants to know if she has health insurance.

But Scott, who will turn 61 soon and has lived on Skid Row for 18 months, is in no mood to hear sweet talk. She’s bone thin. Her sweater is ripped and riddled with holes. Her clothes and important papers are squashed into various size bags all around her. Tears of frustration drip down her face.

“I’m not a racist,” she tells Mack apologetically, “But I can’t go to Mexico to get a house and you can’t find me a place to live here.”

Today is not Scott’s day, Mack determines. She is too angry. Despite the fact that she and many others will qualify for health insurance by the end of the year under requirements of the Affordable Care Act, finding a place to live, not health care, is Scott’s priority. So Mack will try again another time.

The encounter demonstrates how difficult it can be to provide health coverage to some of the most destitute, even those who qualify for free or subsidized plans. Some of them say that simply trying to survive or find a roof over their heads takes precedence even over caring for their own health. – Daily News




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