‘Homewrecker’ Senator Kamala Harris did her best to get a 6 o’clock news bite out during her questioning of AG Barr but she only made herself look like a dumb b*tch. She even calls for Barr to resign during her questioning.

Harris kept interrupting Barr and trying to shoot down his answers before he could finish.

The question she kept asking was so dumb that Barr was surprised she asked it. She thought she had a gotcha moment by asking if Rod Rosenstein was cleared to be involved in the Mueller investigation.

Barr answers that he was, in fact, the Deputy Attorney General at the time so he had been cleared.

If Harris had done her homework, she would have known that Rosenstein went through the ethics people a year ago:


Kamala Harris also tries to have a gotcha moment about whether anyone in the White House asked him to open an investigation. He’s being criticized by the left for taking time to clarify the question and then answer to the best of his knowledge. Harris is rude again during the questioning.

The women in the Democratic Party have shown themselves to be suffering from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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