Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana always delivers the best lines that are humorous AND so true!

He was on CNN being interviewed by Jake Tapper when he let it rip. This was another classic from Kennedy who cut through the BS from Tapper and pushed through to complete his comment.

It’s a beautiful thing to see Tapper’s eyes light up when he realizes that Kennedy is not going to back down. He was determined to get his point across.

Watch Senator Kennedy go!

“How many in Congress suffer from mental illness? None, they seem to enjoy it”

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“What happened to Democracy dies in darkness?”

Great question!

Here’s another nugget of truth from Senator Kennedy:

On Nancy Pelosi’s opposition to a wall at our Southern border: “Beauty fades…dumb is forever.”

And this about Middle Eastern countries: “There are no democracies in the Middle East, with the exception of Israel. With the exception of Israel, I trust every Middle Eastern country about as much as I trust gas station sushi.”

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