Tens of thousands of Trump supporters made their way to Washington DC today to show their support for President Trump.

Unlike angry #ResistTrump and Antifa/BLM rioters, who riot and burn down cities when something doesn’t go their way, over 1,000 Trump supporters have peacefully gathered in front of the US Supreme Court to protest their decision to drop the ruling TX case that attempted to sue MI, PA, GA and WI for election procedures.

Watch this beautiful video of the huge crowd of Trump supporters singing the National Anthem:

Watch this large group of Trump supporters praying the rosary around the US Capitol ahead of today’s march:

On November 14, after a massive crowd of Trump supporters left their rally for Trump and headed back to their vehicles and local hotels, masked Antifa cowards and BLM radicals singled them out attacked them as they broke away from the larger crowds.

The Proud Boys warned Antifa that they would not stand by and watch innocent Trump supporters being beaten by these masked cowards. Enrique Tarrio, a Proud Boys leader warned Antifa/BLM on his Parler account, saying:

Under NO circumstances do we concede defeat! We are fighters, we have truth and the rule of law on our side, we are patriots. We stand behind what is right and just, we stand behind our President who stands for us. That is why patriots from all across the country are converging in DC tomorrow. SO MUCH IS AT STAKE! Show your support for the most patriotic leader we’ve had since the founding of this great country, while also showing support for your favorite boys in black and yellow and let them all know…. GW is my homeboy 👊

While the Proud Boys have been involved in a number of scuffles last night and even today, a number of innocent Trump supporters who broke away from the large crowd were targeted by Antifa. The video below shows a Christian-Trump supporting couple who were sucker-punched from behind.

Much like the last massive Trump rally in DC, the DC Police are nowhere to be found as Trump supporters are beaten bloody by hateful, leftist activists.

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