A group of Buffalo, NY Police Officers are walking through Niagra Square towards protesters when an elderly man confronts them and appears to grab at something at waist level on one of the police officers. The police officer he’s grabbing at yells, “Move!” and “Push him back” as he reaches out and shoves the frail man who falls backward and hits his head on the ground. Fellow police officers stop to help him, but the police officer who shoved him tells them to keep walking.

One of the officers can be heard saying, “He’s bleeding out of his ear!” telling someone to “Get a medic!”

The officers appear to be disturbed and aren’t sure what to do, as they keep walking toward the protesters. As police officers confront another protester, a member of the National Guard can be seen kneeling down to care for the elderly man on the sidewalk.

The cameraman for WBFO, who’s videotaping the brutal act by the police officer can be heard telling the police officers, “You better get an ambulance for him.”

Should the elderly man have stayed back and not approached the officers moving toward protesters?

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***Warning***the video is graphic

There is no question there are some bad cops. But was this a case of a bad cop or of an elderly man who had no business approaching a police force as they were moving forward toward protesters? Unfortunately for the majority of good cops, this video will be viewed by millions and will likely be misenterpreted, while the good and charitable or even life-saving acts performed by hundreds of other cops at protests across America will never be seen.

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