New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo and Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio have allowed their fears of COVID19 to turn their state and the city of New York into a fascist hell. An incredible video that’s being shared on social media is a perfect example of how law enforcement is being asked to “deal” with citizens who refuse to comply with their unconstitutional orders.

In the video below, a mom and her young daughter can be seen walking up the stairs of an NYC subway in Brooklyn when police officers confront her about not wearing a mask. When the woman refuses to place the mask she’s wearing on her chin, over her mouth and nose, several police officers surround her. The woman tries to resist their efforts to detain her, telling them, “Do not touch me!” She warns them to leave her alone several times, as she holds her daughter’s hand. A black officer can be seen approaching her as he pushes her backward, separating the mother from her daughter, as more police officers converge on the woman.

Once the woman is separated from her little girl, she is then tackled to the ground and handcuffed. The woman’s young daughter can be seen standing by and watching throughout the entire unnecessary ordeal.

A man in the background can be heard pleading with the police officers to let her go and to stop manhandling her in front of her daughter, “C’mon, she’s got her kid with her! Man…too much, man!” and  “That’s unnecessary!”

As the police officers pulled her off the ground and walked away with her in handcuffs, the mother can be heard telling them, “I could not breathe!”

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What is happening to our America? Are we really willing to give up our liberty and our freedoms this easily, to a bunch of power-hungry tyrants, simply because they asked?

Dean Meminger, the NY1 reporter who originally posted the video showing the altercation, followed up with the following statements, explaining how the police officers allegedly asked the woman politely to wear the mask if she was planning to ride the subway. According to the NYPD, the woman repeatedly refused and used vulgar language.

According to Meminger, the NYPD also claims the woman struck one of the officers in the hand.

Continued: Officers then informed her she would be ejected from the station and began to escort her from the location. Officers stated to the woman, “Do not do this in front of your kid mam.” The woman then waved her arms and struck an officer with her hand.

The NYPD explains that they are confident they took the appropriate actions with the woman.

The real question is, why are law enforcement being placed in the position of enforcing people to wear masks when many experts claim the masks don’t do anything to prevent people from contracting or spreading COVID19?

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