Barack Obama and Hillary are both advocates of open-borders. They privately use their position on open-borders and amnesty to gain support from Catholics and bleeding-heart liberals. The pretend to be a champion of the Hispanic community. But are leaders who encourage people from other nations to cross over our borders illegally really committing an act of compassion? Children are being moved across our borders with total strangers posing as parents or relatives and being left for our government to figure out how to care for them. Citizens from other countries infected with deadly diseases cross our borders and then move around freely in our society, infecting any legal American who comes in contact with them, including innocent school children. And what about the illegal aliens who pay the worst kind of vermin to get them across our borders? How many of those illegal aliens are found dead by ranchers with property on or near our borders? Instead of feeling compassion…Americans are left feeling outraged.

Bob Price of Breitbart News shares some of the stunning consequences of open-borders here:  

The dead bodies of 53 illegal immigrants have been found in one Texas county after crossing the border this year. The remains of the 53, mostly Mexican and Central American nationals, represent an increase over 2015 numbers despite an effort by local, state, and federal law enforcement officials.


The Brooks County Sheriff’s Office informed Breitbart Texas on Thursday night that they had recovered the remains of yet another dead illegal immigrant in the fields of a ranch located roughly 80 miles north of the Mexican border. Brooks County is not a border county but is the location of a Border Patrol checkpoint on one of the main human smuggling routes from to inland cities like Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. These cities are transportation hubs for the human smuggling networks operated mostly by Mexican drug cartels.

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“The surge of illegal immigrants coming up from the border is once again resulting in an increase in deaths,” Brooks County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Benny Martinez told Breitbart Texas in an exclusive interview. “What is happening to these people is truly a humanitarian crisis.”


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The Border Patrol operates a checkpoint in the middle of Brooks County on Highway 281. Human smugglers attempting to move their cargo northward must either smuggle the illegal immigrants through the checkpoint or, move them on foot around it through neighboring ranches. Forced marches through very hazardous conditions are what has led to the deaths in most cases. In addition to the heat and lack of water, the smuggled aliens must also travel through terrain consisting of sand so soft that 4-wheel-drive vehicles can get stuck. They must also avoid poisonous snakes, scorpions, cactus and thorns – all of which can debilitate a hiker, causing the coyotes to abandon them.


“These coyotes are ruthless, callous people who care nothing about what happens to the people they are moving through our county,” Martinez explained. “If you can’t keep up with them on the trail because you have become injured, dehydrated, overheated, or exhausted, they just abandon you and leave you to die.”

Go here for entire story: Breitbart News

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