A sixteen-year-old MS13 gang member from El Salvador with a violent history was allowed to illegally enter the United States under the corrupt Biden administration and was financially supported by American taxpayers. His horrific spree of violence continued and led to the murder and rape of a U.S. citizen.

Representative McClintock called out the Biden Administration, which has allowed MILLIONS of illegal aliens into the country, including violent criminals. Because of their callous disregard for life, many Americans, including Kayla Hamilton, are dead.


Kayla Hamilton suffered at the hands of the MS13 teen. According to Judicial Watch, the teen was stopped in Texas by border patrol on March 23, 2022. He reportedly told authorities his family paid for him to escape gang-related violence, sending him to the U.S. He was going to Maryland to live with a cousin. The teen’s history of gang violence was not used to keep him from entering the country. He was even placed in a foster home with other kids, putting them at risk. The judiciary report reads,

“In addition to having indications of the alien’s criminality, the alien’s case file also shows that while his homicide charge was pending and after his affiliation with MS-13 was known, authorities placed him in a foster home with other children.”

Kayla Hamilton

The report also placed the blame squarely on the Biden administration who have shown disregard for American lives and U.S. law,
“Tragically, Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas and his department missed key warning signs about the alien’s propensity for violence, which law enforcement officials investigating the murder later uncovered,” the report added, “the Biden Administration’s disregard for the safety of Americans directly resulted in the tragic and—sadly, preventable—the murder of Kayla Hamilton.”

Kayla Hamilton’s mom shared her twenty-year-old daughter’s heartbreaking story, a tragedy easily avoidable if we had a government that followed our laws, “On July 27, 2022, I received the worst news that a parent doesn’t want to hear…she was murdered in her own room and left on the floor like trash.” She continued, sharing that the MS13 motto is “Kill, rape, and control.”

She noted that after the teen killed and violently raped her daughter, he was taken into custody by children protective services while police gathered evidence and were placed in a foster home with other children. The distraught mom said she wanted to do everything she could to bring awareness to the chaos at the border. She broke down crying and said she did not want any other parent to live with the grief she was experiencing following her daughter’s horrific murder.
DNA left at the crime scene helped law enforcement positively identify the cruel, unvetted migrant. Rep. Barry Moore tweeted, “We must secure our border to stop these tragedies.”

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