A 43-year-old father in Maryland was viciously beaten to death outside his house while protecting his 14-year-old son from high school bullies.

Christopher Wright with his fiancée and his three sons

Christopher Wright was a father of three who died trying to protect his son after a group of three 14-year-olds and two adults, who were family members of the kids, showed up at his home looking to start a fight.

The attackers allegedly came to Wright’s home in Baltimore over a fight involving his 14-year-old son, Trenton, that started at school.

Trenton had been involved in multiple fights at school and had just been suspended last Monday. A separate fight reportedly occurred on Wednesday over $30 that one of the involved students stole from Trenton’s girlfriend.

“He had the money in his hands,” said Wright’s fiancée, Tracy Karopchinsky. “Trenton went to get the money and in reaction, hit the kid. He hit him once and that was the end of it.”

Christopher Wright and fiancée Tracy Karopchinsky

Last Friday, Trenton was harassed by a group of teens at school, some of whom showed up in front of his house later that day.

Karopchinsky, 44, reported that the group showed up at their home demanding to fight Trenton. When Wright told the group that his son would not be engaging in a fight, they replied, “If he’s not going to fight, then you’re going to fight us.”

Surveillance footage that captured the incident shows Wright getting into a heated argument with one of the adults in the group who was wearing a black t-shirt. Wright then threw a punch at one of the adults and started to head back inside, but the entire group began to violently attack him.

Wright was thrown to the ground by the man in the black t-shirt as the attackers continued to pummel the unconscious, bleeding father as his 12-year-old son stood by and watched the horrifying attack.

Christopher Wright with two of his sons at a Baltimore Orioles game

After more fighting, the group gathered around Wright and realized he is unconscious. The attackers scatter and someone can be heard screaming in the background.

As the attackers fled the scene, one of them told Wright’s 12-year-old son, “I’m sorry, call 911.”


Wright suffered a seizure after the attack and sustained a traumatic brain injury. He was transported to a trauma center and pronounced dead on Saturday.

Anne Arundel County police are currently investigating the incident.

Marc Limansky, a spokesperson for the county, said, “Anyone who abetted or was an accomplice of the main suspect or the primary suspect will be culpable.”

Karopchinski’s sister, Kristin, set up a GoFundMe for Wright’s family to help with funeral costs and other financial needs.

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