On Thursday, BBC of Essex shared a stunning video taken by the father of Callum, a 12-yr-old autistic boy with ADHD sitting in a chair at Valencia Airport in Spain while a COVID test is being forced on him as a requirement to fly.

In the video, the petrified little boy wearing a soccer t-shirt and shorts can be seen seated in a chair at the airport, while an employee dressed in what looks like a hazmat suit is forcing a COVID test on him, even though according to his dad, he had a letter exempting him from the test.

Although Callum has a letter of exemption, the staff at the airport continues to prod him against his wishes to submit to the test while he cries and pleads with them to not give him the test. “No!” he cries as he covers his face with his hands.

12-year-old Callum’s father, who is videotaping the forced COVID test can be heard saying: “A child with ADHD and autism refused a Ryanair flight even with a GP letter stating exemption. Not good enough for Ryanair…This is what has to happen to get on a Ryanair flight, though!”

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What is the point of having an exemption if the airlines, who have been some of the most hostile and aggressive forces behind policing masks, forces a COVID test on passengers and then proceeds to seat you directly next to a stranger on your flight who could potentially have COVID, but was just given a faulty result?

According to the BBC report, Ryanair has apologized for the incident. Callum’s mum Katy has told BBC Essex how she showed an exemption letter from a doctor and UK Government guidance to staff but were still were refused entry on a flight home. Ryanair says it regrets the stress caused.

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Watch the disturbing scene unfold here:

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