President Trump  and Ivanka Trump welcomed business leaders to the White House for the Pledge to America’s Workers Event. While the media is freaking out over Russia, Russia, Russia, President Trump is creating jobs and doing his best to Make America Great Again!

You might not see this in the main stream media but the leaders all announced their HUGE pledges for job training and hiring.  Listening to the different companies pledge thousands and even one million new jobs (Walmart) is amazing! Companies like UPS and Walmart made big pledges for more jobs…incredible! Twenty-three companies pledged to hire and give job training!

Watch as President Trump greets each company representative who then gives the number of jobs they’ll create.

As President Trump moves down the line he gets to Chris Cortez of Microsoft. After Cortez announced the job numbers, he dropped the mic down to deliver a private message to the president:

“Mr. President, on behalf of Microsoft…ten thousand opportunities.  I’m really proud to be their representative.”

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“I served 33 years in the Marines.”

The president responded with, “Whoa, that’s fantastic!”

Cortez then said, “I served with John Kelly and Jim Mattis and you got two good ones.”

President Trump then shook the Microsoft representative’s hand and said, “Very good. You’re right. They’re great. They’re great. Thank you very much. Thank you.”


John Kelly is now Trump’s Chief of Staff and “Mad Dog” Mattis is Trump’s Secretary of Defense.

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