If you’ve heard of the hot toy of the Christmas season you’d know that it was nearly impossible to find one. The Hatchimal was the Cabbage Patch Doll and Tickle Me Elmo of the 2016 Christmas season.

There’s one problem with this popular toy for kids…it has a potty mouth! Is the Hatchimal the cruel joke of the Christmas season?

Hatchimals were the most in-demand toy this holiday season, but they also may be the most controversial.

The allure of the interactive egg is that kids can watch it hatch into a bird-like animal right in front of their eyes, but some parents are claiming that the furry critter comes equipped with a pretty foul mouth for its $50 to $60 price tag.
People are insisting that the hottest toy of the season spews curses at them when it is hatching and supposedly sleeping.

A few days after Nick Galego and his wife Sarah gifted their six-year-old son the popular toy for Christmas, the parents from British Columbia quickly noticed that the animal was using what sounded like some vulgar language.
‘I’m pretty sure it says “f**k me,”‘ Nick told CTV Vancouver Island a few days after the holiday.
Sarah also claimed to hear the toy mutter a curse word; however, their little boy is still young, and he loves the animal so much that they have no intention of returning it.

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