In a not-so-surprising turn of events, the House has voted to pass massive foreign aid spending.

The $95 billion in aid will go to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and Gaza. Do you know how much money each of these entities should have received? Exactly $0—none of them are U.S. states.

However, our elected leaders—if they can even be called that, didn’t get the memo.

Scores of RINOs helped facilitate aid to Ukraine, with 100 Republicans voting alongside Democrats to send a whopping $61 billion to the failing Eastern European state.

Here is a comprehensive list of Republican lawmakers who voted yes on sending billions to Ukraine:

This list is a little easier to read:

Remember these names!


Especially Eyepatch McStain.

They should run for office in Ukraine, not here.

CNN provided a tally of the votes:

Ukraine aid: 311-112. This was the most contentious bill and it received unanimous support from Democrats, while Republicans were split.

Israel aid: 366-58. Indo-Pacific aid: 385-34

Following the passage of the disastrous spending bills, Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, told reporters: “I’ve done what I believe to be the right thing.”

The Associated Press shared Zelensky’s response to the news:

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine said he was “grateful” to both parties in the House and “personally Speaker Mike Johnson for the decision that keeps history on the right track,” he said on X, formerly Twitter.

“Thank you, America!” he said.

With regard to Speaker Johnson, Tucker said it best here:

Tucker Carlson: “Weak people just become a host for evil… And that’s exactly what’s happening to Mike Johnson.”

I just finished watching Tucker Carlson on Joe Rogan’s podcast and it was incredible!

I felt like I wanted to stop it every couple of minutes and write an article about something Tucker had just said.

As great as Tucker is at hosting his own show, I dare say he’s an even better guest.

Absolutely fascinating to listen to, and I think I agreed with every single thing he said.

Not only agreed but these are things I have been covering for years.

I’m going to do several articles on some big things he said in here, but we’re starting with this clip of Tucker talking about how weak people become a host for evil.

It’s a concept I’ve mentioned some many times before, but I’ve never articulated it as Tucker did in this clip I’m about to show you.

Watch this:

“Weak people just become a host for evil. An open, empty building that evil occupies, possesses, even. And that’s exactly what’s happening to Mike Johnson. That’s absolutely crazy what Mike Johnson is doing, but it’s not because he’s evil. It’s because he’s weak and therefore susceptible to evil. It’s a meaningful distinction that I have noticed.”

Backup video here:

Thanks to The Gateway Pundit for providing this full transcript:

Tucker Carlson: Here’s the illusion that we fall for time and again. We imagine that evil comes fully advertised as such. Like, evil people look like Anton Levet. Horns. Yeah. You know what I mean?

Joe Rogan: Black cloak.

Tucker Carlson: Exactly.

Joe Rogan: Sickel.

Tucker Carlson: Evil is an independent force that exists outside of people, that acts upon people. I really believe that. I’ve experienced it a lot, and it’s obvious.

Everything about this rant by Tucker is spot on and perfectly said.

I’ve said it so many times, the people they try and sell you as nice and well behaved are the ones that are often secretly the worst people in reality.

Conversely, the people they vilify are often some of the best humans out there.

Take Trump….they say he’s wild and out of control and heartless and dangerous.  In reality, I believe Trump has a heart of gold, is strategic and extremely smart and calculating, and was the only leader to bring us peace.

Now take Joe Biden….they say he’s so polite and stately, but in reality he has brought war and devastation on this Country and I think deep down he’s filed with pure, raw evil.

Give me mean Tweets….

Give m a guy that says Motherfucker from time to time….

Give me a guy that has heart and often wears his emotions on his sleeve….

Give me Trump!


WATCH: Joe Rogan Interviews TUCKER CARLSON

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