Thanks to informants willing to put their jobs and their safety on the line, Republican lawmakers have been able to piece together tons of evidence about the politicization of the FBI.

But Democrats are doing their best to sully the reputation of these whistleblowers, as evidenced during a congressional hearing on Wednesday.

As Just the News reported:

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) alleged during FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee that FBI whistleblowers O’Boyle and Allen were given donations by fellow whistleblower Kyle Seraphin after testifying before Congress.

“Here’s another picture,” Jackson said, referencing two screenshots that were brought to the hearing. “It’s the checks that were sent to both O’Boyle and Allen. Each check was for $255,194. Let me say that again. These men were paid $255,194 after they testified as so-called whistleblowers.”


When Jackson was done speaking, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) jumped in and corrected her, stating that neither whistleblower received the money.

“They actually haven’t received the money,” Johnson said. “Have a unanimous considerate request- Mr. Chairman of a tweet Matthew Foldi put out during this hearing.”

Here’s the tweet that Johnson referenced:

Conservative pundits and those with knowledge of the whistleblowers’ actions were quick to call Democrats out on their deception.

In reality, whistleblowers like Steve Friend are standing up to the federal government to share their unique knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes. While this behavior is denounced by modern-day Democrats, many rank-and-file members of the intelligence community are clearly supportive.

According to the New York Post:

Thirty former FBI agents, including a retired deputy assistant director, head of counterterrorism and five SWAT team members, have spoken out publicly in support of suspended FBI whistleblower Stephen Friend.

Their heartfelt messages, obtained exclusively by The Post, show a deep and widespread anguish about the politicization of the FBI.

“It’s time to stop the FBI from being the enforcer of a political party’s ideology,” says Ernie Tibaldi, a retired agent from San Francisco. “We need to re-establish the FBI as the apolitical and independent law enforcement entity that it always was.”

Here’s what the whistleblowers had to say in their own words:

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