Republican leadership is a little late to the game, but finally, they are coming out in defense of America by pointing out the short and long-term consequences of decisions made by Joe Biden and his behind-the-scenes puppet masters.

Only moments ago, GOP House Minority Speaker Kevin McCarthy spoke to the media, where he excoriated Joe Biden over his failed leadership. In a blistering assessment of our confused commander-in-chief, Rep. McCarthy (R-CA) warned that our allies will likely now turn to China and Russia, as they are currently more reliable world leaders than the United States under the leadership of Joe Biden.

Transcript of McCarthy takedown of Joe Biden:

A number of our allies from ambassadors and leaders that I have spoken to question what America will do in the future.

You watch our allies try to build a better relationship with China now or with Russia—because they kept their words.

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Whereas, we just had a president go against everything America has stood for in the past.

We even have reports, that Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the UK had to wait 36 hours to get a return phone call as Afghanistan was collapsing.

Can you imagine that? Our president—sitting at Camp David! If the reports are true? How can that be possible?

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Only yesterday, Minority House Leader Kevin McCarthy blasted Biden for his “bungled withdrawal” of citizens and allies in Afghanistan, calling it a “disaster for America’s security and credibility..for decades to come.” He warned that other countries are questioning our capabilities. He told fellow House members that Biden magnified his incompetence by “hiding at Camp David,” for his “incoherent speeches.”

McCarthy said that after “failing to contact a single world leader for 36 hours,” he has left other countries “questioning whether we have the resolve to honor our word.”


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