Once again, the “peaceful” BLM mob strikes again, but this time at a child’s birthday party. In this video, two women can be seen tossing a table and yelling at the family to “move [their] stuff.” But when the family refused to be bullied, they yanked the table away, destroying the birthday cake and decorations in the process:

Then move your stuff…


This isn’t the first time BLM has harassed innocent bystanders as they assaulted people enjoying their dinners in Pittsburgh, as previously reported by 100%FedUp.

In a viral video, Black Lives Matter terrorists screamed obscenities at elderly people dining outdoors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Sunday.

Over the weekend, riots fueled by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA anarchists continued. The rioters are feeling emboldened by the lack of action from local Democrats who do nothing while the cities are destroyed, and citizens are harassed and assaulted.

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Pittsburgh was the scene of one of the more outrageous BLM groups who screamed in the face of white elderly outdoor diners and then chugged a drink. The BLM crowd swarmed the outdoor dining area as one woman wearing a “Nazi Lives Don’t Matter” t-shirt drank an elderly man’s beer while someone else smashed a glass.

“F*ck 12 and f*ck white people! You old dick!” one BLM militant yelled to a peaceful elderly white man sitting at a table.

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Other violent Biden supporters were breaking glassware and intimidating diners.


The video went viral online of the BLM thugs harassing diners, chugging from their drinks and flipping tables at the restaurant.

Videos of the incident were first shared on Facebook by a user named Grace Harvey, and then reposted on a Twitter page that frequently posts anti-protest content. On her Facebook page, she wrote, “We witnessed demonstrators bullying, harassing and physically assaulting random people simply walking past them or quietly enjoying a meal.”

On Sunday the BLM goon who drank the couple’s drink and screamed at them posted about the incident on Facebook.

BLM member Gamique Craft is not at all apologetic for the criminal and threatening acts:

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