A guest post by John Green of Blue State Conservative.

I’m going to be discussing the FBI because they’re all over the news lately – but not in a good way, rather in a “what have they done now” way. However, I’m not dismissing the contribution of the overarching DOJ. They’ve certainly been complicit in the misdeeds of the FBI, which they oversee.

For my uninformed readers, communist Russia had this organization called the KGB. Its responsibility was to support the communist party. KGB is short for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti – which translates to Committee for State Security. Hmm…Committee for State Security? Isn’t that what the FBI does – advance the security of the state, which every communist understands to be the security of the party?

Recently it seems that the FBI is willing to go to any length to protect the party – the Democrat National Committee.

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The FBI has destroyed evidence of crimes committed by party officials. During the Clinton email investigation, the feds destroyed computers and cell phones at the request of the party official running for President, who also happened to be the target of the investigation – Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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The FBI fabricated evidence against officials working for the RNC. That would be people promoting a candidate to prevent the American communists from getting four more years of power. An FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, actually changed an email to mean the exact opposite of its intended message – to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil the Trump campaign.

After the 2016 election, the FBI participated in a coup attempt against a duly elected president – because he was not of the preferred party. They triggered the appointment of a special counsel to investigate a crime that they knew never happened. They used the investigation, not the existence of any actual evidence, to taint the administration and support attempts to remove the President from office.

In the lead-up to the 2020 election, the FBI hid evidence of crimes by the party’s candidate for President, Joseph Robinette Biden. When the existence of a laptop containing evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption became known, the FBI kept its possession of the laptop secret and worked with social media companies to kill any public disclosure of the evidence. An FBI disinformation operation claimed that the laptop was a Russian disinformation operation. Now we know that the information on the laptop is genuine. its information is almost as disturbing as the lengths to which the FBI went to hide it.

The FBI has also instigated crimes where they would be of political benefit. The bureau used paid human sources to organize a kidnapping attempt against Gretchen Whitmer – another high-level party official. FBI assets recruited the conspirators, did all of the planning, and provided all of the resources. They then arrested the people they had recruited and called them Trump supporters – at the time, Donald Trump was running for reelection.

Four of the defendants in the Democrat MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s “kidnapping” case.

Since the DNC victory of 2020, the FBI has continued its work to consolidate party power.

They’ve initiated a nationwide search for political dissidents – those who supported the election of Donald Trump. They’ve tracked down thousands of people and interviewed them – not for committing any crime, but for attending an opposition political rally. Such affronts to the party must be discouraged.

The FBI has implemented the infrastructure to track anyone opposing party initiatives. Bureau databases now categorize and track anyone who has the temerity to challenge what the party is teaching their children. Nobody shall be allowed to interfere with the party’s indoctrination of new party members. Parents are now subject to suspicion, intimidation, and harassment.

Signs of patriotism also run counter to the party narrative. Such displays have been designated potential signs of domestic terrorism – as they are seen to challenge government hegemony. Law enforcement agencies have been advised to watch for Betsy Ross and Gadsden flags. They’ve also been warned that people questioning the 2020 election, government COVID protocols, or federal overreach are potential threats.

The FBI has implemented the infrastructure to collaborate with social media companies to control public information and access private information. They have assigned up to 80 agents to interface with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, and others.

All of that should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that law enforcement is no longer the FBI’s primary focus. We know that the bureau received a tip that the activities of the Tsarnaev brothers were troubling – before they bombed the Boston Marathon. Do you suppose the FBI had 80 agents looking into the activities of the Tsarnaev brothers? Did they assign any undercover assets to infiltrate the plot? 

Tamerlan (left), and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, brothers who planted bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. (AP Photos/Lowell Sun and FBI, FILE)

The fact that they would detail a large number of agents to censor speech but not to investigate a terrorism tip says something about the bureau’s priorities – no? It seems the FBI will only do criminal justice if it doesn’t get in the way of other projects.

Thanks to the Elon Musk takeover of Twitter, we’re getting a glimpse of what the FBI has been up to. We know that the bureau was using Twitter to access private information. Does anyone doubt that it was using other social media companies to do the same?

Thanks to modern technology, those companies know where we are and what we’re doing – 24/7. Have you eaten at a restaurant and then received a text asking you to rate the experience? Our phones track our movements and report to the tech giants. How do you think the feds knew that Mike Lindell was at a fast-food drive-through when they decided to seize his cell phone – for questioning the integrity of the 2020 election? Social media companies are tracking every move we make. Can you see that such information could be dangerous in the hands of a power-hungry bureaucrat seeking to advance the interests of the party?

Are you comfortable with the FBI knowing when you

  • Visit a target range?
  • Travel between states?
  • Send an email about politics to a friend.
  • Donate to a social cause not aligned with party interests?
  • Attend a social function in which a MAGA donor may be present.

The feds want all of that information, and we’ve learned that they are inclined to use it for the worst of purposes – not for the equal application of the law.

The FBI is starting to look a bit like the old Soviet KGB – more focused on advancing party interests than criminal justice. Luckily, they haven’t “disappeared” any of the party opposition yet. Oh, wait. I forgot about the US citizens placed in solitary confinement, without bail, for the indiscretion of trespassing on property that their taxes paid for – on January 6, 2021.

I have a few questions for the FBI leadership. How many Soviets believed the KGB was a legitimate law enforcement agency? How many Americans believe the FBI is a legitimate law enforcement agency? (Hint: a recent Rasmussen poll found that 53 percent of Americans consider the FBI to be Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo.) Is trust in the FBI growing or shrinking? Can the FBI continue to function without the trust of the people it is charged to serve? By the way, where is the KGB now?

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