Detroit was once a glistening and very wealthy city. 
Then black supremacist Coleman Young became mayor and drove virtually all whites out. The city collapsed into a giant ghetto — a Third World welfare ward of the state and federal governments.

After it lay in ruins, blacks began leaving Detroit too. With the city largely depopulated, whites have begun to move back in to rebuild. This effort is doomed, because the mentality that destroyed Detroit in the first place still persists:

Waving pan-African flags colored red, black and green, the demonstrators strode into traffic on 7 Mile Road on Detroit’s east side.

“Whose streets?” they chanted as cars honked in support and slowed to a halt. “Our streets!”

A Detroit Police car keeping watch a block away, the speakers called for African Americans to unify and take back the city.

“These are our streets,” Zeek, who declined to give his last name, exhorted through a megaphone. “We’re not going anywhere. Anywhere!”

The scene on a Thursday evening in October was one of several demonstrations this year blocking traffic by New Era Detroit, a year-old black nationalist group that’s been canvassing neighborhoods, organizing protests and working on neighborhood programs. They use strong language at times and have confronted police and stores they contend have disrespected black customers. On a recent Friday night, they shut down a gas station on 8 Mile chanting “Black power!” after, they said, an employee pulled a toy gun on a young customer. They also protested outside a Detroit megachurch on a Sunday last month, saying it and other black churches like it aren’t doing enough to help the community.

New Era Detroit is one of several new African-American groups created over the past two years by younger generations of activists as a response to what they believe are attempts to push out and marginalize blacks in Detroit. …

Whites still make up only 10.2% of Detroit’s population — the lowest percentage of any big city in the U.S. — but the recent demographic changes have caused concern among activists.

Demographic changes can cause problems, all right.

One way the activists advance the civil rights cause is by harassing business owners for being Arab instead of black:

At times, the group criticizes stores owned by Arab Americans in the city, saying that African Americans should try to patronize only black-owned businesses. In recent weeks, they’ve held protests at gas stations run by Arab Americans, including one on Nov. 21. …

“We’re not a racist organization at all,” Zeek told the Free Press. “That’s another stigma that comes with us because we’re extremely pro-black.”

Imagine the laughs if you told the media,


A neutron bomb would need to be used before Detroit could be reclaimed by civilization.

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