Joe Biden’s anti-American regime has pledged to use US taxpayer funds collected from Americans who can barely feed their families or put gasoline in their vehicles for the purposes of propping up young climate activists in developing countries.

Only two months ago, Greta Thunberg, who has become the poster child for indoctrinated teens against climate change, was reportedly ‘detained’ at a protest in Germany. Video of the detainment went viral, showing Thunberg being carried away from the protest site by police officers in riot gear.

The following day, Thunberg tweeted about the incident, saying, “Yesterday, I was part of a group that peacefully protested the expansion of a coal mine in Germany. We were kettled by police and then detained but were let go later that evening. Climate protection is not a crime.”

However, additional footage from the incident was almost immediately released,  which revealed the entire scene was staged.

In the video that Thunberg and her team wanted everyone to see, the poster child for climate activism was being held by her arms by two officers while a third carried her feet. Thunberg had a stern look on her face and one of the officers tried to push away a camera that was being pointed at him. Chanting from the other protestors is heard in the background.


In the newly released videos, Thunberg and the officers are shown staging the entire thing. In one of the videos, the officers have Thunberg by her arms and are waiting to be told to move. Thunberg and her team are laughing and smiling as they wait for the ‘action’ call from the directors.

After they get the perfect photo op, they get additional footage of Thunberg being walked away by the officers.

Author Justin Hart tweeted another video from the “detainment,” with the caption, “Greta being arrested. Take 2!”

The video shows Thunberg sitting on the ground while two officers stand behind her. As her team laughs, they wait for the ‘action’ signal and the officers pick her up and pretend to walk her away as someone films.

After they get their shot, the officers let her go and walk away.

The Biden Regime was apparently so enthralled by the performance by the young aspiring actress Greta Thunberg, whose father is also an actor, that they have decided to take money from US taxpayers and give it to more aspiring climate activists to help young people who suffer from “climate-related mental health conditions,” such as “eco-anxiety,” which the American Psychology Association describes as “the chronic fear of environmental cataclysm that comes from observing the seemingly irrevocable impact of climate change.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon – President Joe Biden’s U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) last year released its 2022-2030 climate strategy, which outlines a $150 billion “whole-of-Agency approach” to building an “equitable world with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.” Included in that effort is a pledge to support “behavior change and communications campaigns” that “encourage youth’s active participation” in the climate movement. Young people, the agency says, “have emerged in recent years as key actors … in demanding government action to tackle the climate crisis,” prompting USAID to increase its funding for “youth-led organizations” working to fight climate change in at least 40 partner countries.

The USAID plan reflects Biden’s government-wide mandate to fight climate change. Just one week after taking office, Biden, in January 2021, issued an executive order calling on all government agencies to “combat the climate crisis with bold, progressive action.”

In November, for example, Biden’s USAID announced a $78,000 grant to a Palestinian activist group whose leaders praised a man who murdered a U.S. military attaché and participated in a celebration for a Palestinian terrorist group. The agency, in late 2021, also sent millions of dollars to EcoHealth Alliance, the research group that funded bat virus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Prager University does a brilliant job of dismantling the comments made by climate actress Greta Thunberg, who famously admonished world economic leaders as part of her acting debut, which included the infamous “How dare you?” line that launched her popularity and fame with the Left.


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