Governors across the country are taking on the Davos agenda directly by attacking Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria.

ESG criteria are a new method that far-left activists are using to push America’s top corporations in a more “woke” direction.

The criteria evaluate a company based on their compliance with environmental standards and if their companies beliefs align with the left’s social agenda on race, gender, and LGBT issues.

Top industry leaders like Elon Musk have attacked the standards as being clearly politically motivated after his company, Tesla, which produces electric cars, did not make the list of top ESG companies while ExxonMobil was in the top 10.

Now, Republican state governments across the country have started to push back against ESG standards.

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On Wednesday, DeSantis and the man next in line to be the Florida House Speaker, Paul Renner, proposed legislation to curtail woke capital by going after ESG standards.

Now, West Virginia’s Treasurer Riley Moore blocked five Wall Street banks from doing business with the state because of their push for a green agenda.  West Virginia’s interests are directly opposed to the green agenda because of the state’s reliance on coal and fossil fuels.

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The Daily Caller Reports

Riley Moore, West Virginia Treasurer

West Virginia blocked five major Wall Street banks Thursday from doing business with the state for pushing a green agenda, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Forty-five days after West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore warned U.S. Bancorp, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo and BlackRock that “boycotting” fossil fuels would find them banned from accessing state business, five of the six big banks were publically blocked, reported The New York Times.

Moore said that banning banks from investing West Virginia’s money aligns with the state’s priorities as the U.S.’s second-largest coal producer, according to a statement Moore posted on Twitter.

“As Treasurer, I have a duty to act in the best interests of the State’s Treasury and our people when choosing financial services for West Virginia. Any institution with policies aimed at weakening our energy industries, tax base and job market has a clear conflict of interest in handling taxpayer dollars,” Moore said.

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