This is war and it’s a fight for the SOVEREIGNTY of America

Two things that Donald Trump said have been controversial and taken out of context by the left. Much of the protests against Trump are based on the promise he made to close the border with Mexico by building a wall. The desire to halt “refugee” resettlement of Muslims to America is the second thing Trump said that’s gotten everyone on the left FREAKING OUT.

Do Americans not have a right to closed borders and proper vetting of Muslim refugees?

We are footing the bill with our tax dollars for all the goodies the illegals and refugees get when they arrive. Yes, YOU pay for this!


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The cost of illegals and refugees is billions every year. We are over $19 TRILLION dollars in debt and climbing rapidly. We have become a GLOBAL MAGNET for immigration due to our generous entitlements for legal and illegal immigrants. The cost is NOT sustainable!

The cost is one thing but the danger to Americans is another reason to close our borders and stop refugee resettlement. The FBI Director said that the Muslim refugees cannot be properly vetted before they come to America. There is testimony by numerous officials claiming that the terrorists are trying to come to America by posing as refugees. The open borders also leads to opening ourselves up for terrorists and criminals to come to America. Who knows how many have arrived already?

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The American people have a RIGHT to the SOVEREIGNTY of our nation. We cannot survive without borders and Trump knows it. This is common sense policy that’s been missing for so long. The American people are 100% FED Up! with their safety and tax dollars being toyed with and exploited. Time for a change and time to stand up for it!


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