U.S. Customs and Border Protection just released a report on the invasion at the southern border of America. It’s a doozy! As Biden’s “Border Czar” Kamala Harris claims the Biden administration is making “progress” at the border (see video below), people from all over the globe are literally invading America. Who can blame these people for wanting to come to the biggest welfare state in the world?

How in anyone’s world is it “progress” if you’re in charge of securing the border, but it’s clearly wide open?

The answer is the so-called “Border Czar” should be renamed the “Open Border Czar”…

One graph from the report says it all:

Biden made Harris his “Border Czar” in late March and illegals have invaded at nearly 180,000 per month. The blue line is 2021!

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Tucker Carlson Called out Texas Governor Greg Abbott for what he could do but hasn’t done to secure the border. Carlson says only Governor Abbott can gain control of the southern border (see video below).

Kamala Harris lies through her teeth to say the Biden administration has made progress at the border:

Brandon Judd calls out Harris for her ridiculous visit to Texas where she was not even close to the epicenter of the invasion at the Rio Grande:

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas must bring in the National Guard to close the border!

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