Twitter is, without question, the most highly censored social media platform for conservatives.  Conservative users with large followings on Twitter, like 100 Percent Fed Up and The Gateway Pundit, were removed from Twitter for reporting 100% true stories about voter fraud. To be clear, Twitter removed our 100 Percent Fed Up account without ever receiving a single violation from Twitter.

For the past 3-4 years, Twitter has removed any trace of pro-life activists and journalists from their platform. They’ve banned anyone who spoke out against election fraud in the 2020 election or questioned COVID lockdowns, the safety or efficacy of the COVID jab,  or alternative cures for COVID. So while Twitter was erasing conservatism from their platform, they were simultaneously handing out “blue check” marks to some of the meanest, most hateful leftists in America.

When “comedian” Kathy Griffin, who famously held a bloodied and decapitated Donald Trump head up for the cameras, venues across America canceled her engagements—she had clearly crossed a line. Twitter allowed her to keep her account. When other celebrities used Twitter to wish death or harm on President Trump, his family, and his supporters,  Twitter looked the other way. But when Kathy Griffin was diagnosed with cancer, large numbers of conservatives put politics aside and tweeted out prayers and wishes for her recovery.

Independent journalist, outspoken free-speech advocate, and former Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer is one of the most hated women in Democrat Party circles.

Yesterday, Loomer messaged about contracting COVID on GETTR and asked for prayers:

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“Blue check” liberals responded with abject hatred:

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Blue checkmark MeidasTouch, a favorite account for Democrats, shared a post on social media by Loomer that she posted on Parler in December that says: “I hope I get COVID just so I can prove to people I’ve had bouts of food poisoning that are more serious and life-threatening than a hyped-up virus. ”

For the record, I also had COVID, and fortunately, I only had a couple of days where I felt lousy. I was mostly tired for about 14 days. Although the media would like everyone to believe a COVID diagnosis will most certainly result in a trip to the hospital, that simply is not true.

The “blue check” MeidasTouch wrote that the post by “Far-right Republican Laura Loomer” is a reminder to people to be careful what they “wish for.”

The hateful Daily Beast mocked Loomer over her COVID illness. In the article they wrote about her diagnosis, they appear to be gloating about her condition. They also point out that she wrote about feeling like she “got hit by a bus” and that she was asking for prayers on Telegram, but curiously, we searched Telegram and couldn’t find an account for Loomer.

The vile Occupy Democrats (their name says it all) mocked the “Unvaccinated Loomer,” saying she “begs for prayers.” Their tweet reveals how Democrats are using vaccination status as a tool to divide Americans: “RT (retweet) IF YOU’RE PROUDLY VACCINATED!” they tweeted.

PoppaBear tweeted that he will be “ordering fajitas tonight to mark the occasion” of Loomer’s COVID illness. Almost 2K Twitter users “liked” his tweet.

Over 4K Twitter users “liked” a tweet by “Red” who offered thoughts and prayers to COVID, “which is infected by Laura Loomer.” Her tweet was in response to Ron Filipkowsi, who referred to Loomer as a “White nationalist,’ (a term commonly used by liberals, without any evidence of their claim to identify anyone who disagrees with their leftist views) in his tweet announcing Loomer has COVID.

Attorney Marina Medvin had the perfect response to the liberals on Twitter wishing death and serious illness on Loomer:

Laura Loomer is trending this morning. She tested positive for coronavirus with strong symptoms. The left is glowing and gloating in response. Irrespective of how you feel about someone, it’s not a good look for you when you celebrate their illness.

Why are Democrats so consumed with hatred for anyone who doesn’t agree with them?

Once upon a time, “blue check” marks were supposed to indicate that the Twitter account was a verified news source, a bonified celebrity, popular personality, or a well-known political pundit. Almost immediately after President Trump’s inauguration, Twitter, like Facebook, drastically changed the rules of engagement on their highly censored platforms.

Twitter and Facebook removed the President of the United States for speaking out against the fraudulent election. Twitter, which is accountable to no one, removed all but a handful of reliable voices in the conservative movement, and those they didn’t remove, they suspended at critical times when their input was most valuable.

Americans are more divided now than at any time since the Civil War—there is no question that Twitter and Facebook are to blame.


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