Today, during another dreadfully boring day of House Judiciary debates over the bogus impeachment of President Trump, Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland was caught in one embarrassing false statement after another.

First, he called the Democrat Party’s star witness, EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, “David.”

Next, he told the House Judicial Committee members they don’t have to rely on Gordon Sondland’s word.

Then he told the committee that David Holmes overheard a conversation between Gordon Sondland and President Trump about Ukraine. Holmes testified that he only heard parts of the conversation.

Raskin claimed that besides, Holmes, other witnesses overheard the conversation between Sondland and Trump. There were no other witnesses that overheard the conversation.

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Finally, Raskin pulled an Adam Schiff and completely made up a conversation that he said was part of Holmes’ testimony. The problem is, Holmes never said what Raskin claimed he said during his testimony.


How many more lies will Democrats subject Americans to before the end of these Kangaroo Court proceedings?


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