The Democrat Party is no longer recognizable, certainly not as a pro-American party.

The evolution of the new Marxist Democrat Party that used to be a champion of the little guy began in 2008, when a previously unknown radical leftist community organizer, turned junior senator (in 2005), stunned the world and was elected as the 44th President of the United States.

Much like Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s bid to become the next President of the United States began in the basement. Unlike Biden, who campaigned from his own basement, Barack Obama’s rise to the top of the Democrat Party began in the unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers’s basement.

The slick, black community organizer who spent his younger years attending private schools and later attended top-ranked colleges was raised by a white mother and white grandparents, but he was heavily influenced by an absent father who lived in Africa and despised America. While campaigning in 2007, Michelle Obama, the race-obsessed wife of Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, explained that “For the first time” in her “adult life,” she was “proud to be an American,” because her husband, who promised to “fundamentally transform” America, was running for President.

In the same year that Barack Obama was (allegedly) born in Hawaii, the Democrat Party sent an alternate set of electors to Washington, DC.

Today, the new Marxist Democrat Party is attempting to prove Republicans who sent an alternate set of electors to DC in 2020 over serious concerns about the integrity of the general election are guilty of a crime and must be publicly flogged, tarred, and feathered.

In 1960, after becoming a new state, Hawaii held its first presidential election. John F. Kennedy, who was running against then-VP Richard Nixon, won the popular vote by 117K votes or less than 1 percent, but like President Trump in 2016, Kennedy had a huge lead in the Electoral College.

In Hawaii, where over 93% of voters turned out for the state’s first election, Nixon was declared the winner by a mere 141 votes. Unlike in the hotly contested election of 2020, where judges across America refused to allow forensic audits of the vote before Congress convened to certify the election in early January, a judge in Hawaii granted Democrats a recount. Meanwhile, Democrats hoping the recount would go in their favor, cast an alternate set of electors and sent them to D.C. to be counted.

Although the results didn’t change the outcome of the election, the recount in Hawaii proved President Kennedy was the state’s winner by 115 votes. Congress had two sets of certifications from the Republican and Democrat Parties, and the decision lay with the presiding officer of the US Senate, VP Nixon, as to which set of electoral votes to certify.

A newly sworn-in governor certified the Kennedy victory and transmitted a new slate of Electoral College certificates — signed by the same three Democrats who falsely claimed to have won two weeks earlier.

When Nixon, like Mike Pence, presided over the Electoral College counting session on Jan. 6, 1961, he acknowledged receiving all three sets of certificates: the GOP slate, the uncertified Democratic slate, and the certified Democratic slate.

Democrat and RINO members of the illegitimate Jan. 6 Committee have conveniently forgotten about the alternate set of electors cast for Kennedy that allowed his competitor, Richard Nixon, to make the correct choice and ignore the Republican electoral votes and choose the Democrat electoral votes instead, following a recount of the ballots which changed the election results and gave the victory to Democrats.

By making an example of alternate electors who cast their electoral votes for President Donald J. Trump before Congress certified the election results on Jan. 6, 2021, the now-unrecognizable Democrat Party leaders hope to demonize and mischaracterize some of Trump’s most hard-working and notable leaders in critical swing states as “criminals.” The goal is to dehumanize them—to make their neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers question their character and integrity and to cause the electors to question if their support for President Trump is really worth the assassination of their character.

In Michigan, Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer ordered MI State Police to refuse entry to MI GOP electors into the State Capitol, where they attempted to cast their alternate set of electoral votes for President Trump. Hundreds of MI poll challengers filed affidavits attesting to multiple irregularities with the tabulation of votes and outright voter fraud they witnessed on Election Day and the day after. Their pleas fell on deaf ears, as the MI courts refused to hear their cases and MI lawmakers whose re-election campaigns rely on funding from the Trump-hating former Sec. of Education Betsy DeVos. As a result, lawmakers ignored over 7.5 thousand Michigan residents who signed affidavits calling for a forensic audit.

These brave electors simply wanted to cast alternate electoral votes so they would be in place in the event that a fair and comprehensive forensic audit proved the 2020 election in Michigan was stolen. Imagine a scenario where it was discovered that the election was stolen in Michigan through, say, ballot harvesting (as revealed in the 2000 Mules movie)—what recourse would citizens have if the vote was already certified for Joe Biden and no alternate set of electors was cast for the legitimate winner of the election?

Why is the illegitimate Jan 6 Committee so hell-bent on going after GOP electors in swing states who cast alternate votes for Trump in 2020?

If all goes according to plan, Democrats and Never-Trump RINOs on the illegitimate Jan 6 Committee will effectively be able to skirt the law and use the power that was never given to them to threaten, intimate, and humiliate Trump’s top supporters, organizers, and leaders, including the electors who cast their alternate set of electoral votes for Trump before the certification of the election on January 6, 2021. The hope is that the lawless, bare-knuckles approach to dealing with Trump’s top supporters in key states will cause them to think twice before supporting Trump again, should he decide to run in 2024. The goal, of course, is to weaken President Trump by removing his most ardent base of supporters while simultaneously attempting to falsely paint him as a “criminal” to the rest of America, thereby ensuring diminished support from the general public should he decide to run for re-election in 2024.

Today, the new target of the Marxist Democrat Party and their allies in the media is (once again) Ginni Thomas, one of the smartest and most well-respected conservatives in the DC Beltway and beyond. The bogus and highly partisan J6 committee has successfully managed to gain access to her communications, and once a month, they drop some new tidbits to keep her name in the news. The hope is that she will run for cover to save her husband, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, from embarrassment over her political activism. They don’t know Ginni Thomas.

Rex Chapman, a Democrat activist with 1.2 million followers on Twitter, nails the objective of his party with this one tweet:

Arrest Ginni Thomas. Impeach Clarence Thomas. End.


This tweet by Democrat activist Jon Cooper, who has 1 million followers, where he quotes the disgraced former CBS News anchor Dan Rather, confirms how the rabid, leftist swarm of locusts must never relent until their prey is tortured, humiliated, and eventually stripped of any relevance in the world of Republican politics: “the Ginni Thomas story should NEVER become old news.”

What they’re really saying is that Ginni Thomas isn’t entitled to the same First Amendment Rights as the rest of America because she’s married to a Supreme Court Justice. This is simply another example of how the anti-American Democrat Party, which used to be a champion of free speech, has evolved into a party that is no longer recognizable and certainly no longer respects the US Constitution or the rule of law.

It’s unfathomable to this group of DC thugs who sit on the phony Jan 6 Committee that Ginni Thomas would communicate with lawmaker friends in states where election results were being challenged. It’s incomprehensible that a highly educated lawyer who could sit back and go to luncheons and cocktail parties with the DC Swamp members would instead choose to fight for her country and,  worst of all—support President Trump. Should Trump decide to run again, they must shut her down before she can cast her wide net of influence on conservative leaders across America in 2024.

It certainly would be fascinating to see the names on the illegitimate Jan 6 Committee’s “hit list.” How many of their target’s lives have already been destroyed by this group of lawless hyenas? How many on the list have refused to cave? And how many more names will they subpoena in their never-ending quest to destroy the man who loves his country even more than the Marxist Democrats hate it?

Pray for our nation. Pray for the brave Americans who are under attack by an illegitimate group of lawmakers motivated by hate and bolstered by the hope that they are making progress to destroy Trump’s inner and outer circle of influence by using a fake insurrection as a premise of their investigation.

If you’re not involved in helping a pro-Trump or America First candidate win in 2022 by volunteering or donating to their campaign, you have given up your right to complain when America becomes Venezuela.

Please contact the office of an America First candidate in your state and ask what you can do to help. If you don’t have an America-First candidate in your state, look outside of your state. Sign up to be a poll challenger or poll judge, or sign up to be a paid election worker. Every person in America must stand up now—because every day, it becomes more apparent that the America we love is slipping away.

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