This weekend, singer, dancer, actress and activist Jennifer Lopez married Hollywood actor Ben Affleck for the second time this month. She and Affleck were married in Las Vegas earlier this month. It was Lopez’s fourth wedding and comes on the heels of her sixth engagement, most recently to retired MLB star Alex Rodriguez in 2021.

All guests that attended the estimated $400,000 wedding at Affleck’s Georgia mansion had to show ID before entering the venue.

The image below shows security setting up in advance of guests arriving.

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Security at the Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck wedding can be seen checking ID’s of guests before they were allowed to enter Affleck’s Georgia plantation:

It’s curious that Jennifer Lopez would demand guests who attend her wedding produce an ID, considering she is a co-chair of Michelle Obama’s radical When We All Vote organization.

According to Michelle Obama and her celebrity co-chairs, which includes Jennifer Lopez, asking for an ID to vote is racist.

So asking for ID to enter J-Lo’s wedding is NOT racist, but requiring a valid form of identification to vote IS racist…got it.

The hypocrisy of Hollywood leftists never ends…


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