Every American should be demanding answers about why Barack Hussein Obama is in such a hurry to empty Gitmo before he leaves office. Illegal alien prisoners are being released at an unprecedented rate. Our borders are being left wide open by a President who’s demanded our US Border Agents stand down. Visas are being given to people coming here with the sole intention of harming innocent Americans. Law enforcement has been ridiculed and weakened by a spiteful racist and his willing accomplices in the media. What do we need to do to alert the Kim Kardashian followers our United States of America  is intentionally being destroyed by a radical in the White House?

National Security: The Pentagon has cleared the release of 17 more terrorist detainees from Guantanamo Bay prison. President Obama puts jihadist boots on the ground before mobilizing U.S. troops in the Middle East.

A congressional aide told Fox News on Thursday that the White House’s strategy in the decision this week to set free more terrorist prisoners from the Gitmo facility in U.S.-controlled territory in Cuba is to get the number of detainees there to “as low as they can get,” even if it means “a good deal of risk.”
The underlying reason is that closing Gitmo was a major Obama campaign promise in 2008, and he doesn’t want to leave office with it still open.

gitmo terrorist

But the promise was to close it in 2009. Upon taking office, however, Obama found himself faced with the fact that Gitmo was a rather brilliant idea that the Bush administration came up with to prevent captured terrorists from exploiting the U.S. legal system.

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The spectacle of U.S. courts setting terrorists free, after trials in which the jihadists’ American legal teams might actually get access to and make public sensitive classified information, was not anything for which Obama wanted to be blamed. He seems amenable, however, to his successor having nowhere to hold captured terrorists.

Release of the 17 supposedly “low-level” combatants, many of them from Yemen, where war rages, brings the number of Gitmo prisoners down to 90. We were told that “Osama bin Laden’s cook,” Ibrahim al-Qosi, released by Obama from Gitmo in 2012, was low-level, but now he cooks up terrorist operations as a celebrity leader of al-Qaida in Yemen.

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The Pentagon is going along with this politicized emptying of the Guantanamo Bay holding facility. And the decision coming right after an Islamic State-inspired Christmas party attack within the homeland, which slaughtered 14 innocent Americans, suggests the U.S. military leadership has become a group of puppets.

A major reason for former Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel’s forced departure as Obama’s defense secretary last year after a brief tenure, let’s not forget, was his hesitation in approving Gitmo releases.

In last week’s GOP presidential debate, it was a woman who promised that she would “immediately” reverse Obama’s emasculation of the Pentagon. Carly Fiorina pledged to “bring back the warrior class — Petraeus, McChrystal, Mattis, Keane, Flynn … every one was retired early because they told President Obama things that he didn’t want to hear.”

Obama calls Gitmo “a sad chapter in American history,” but it was almost comic when the worst complaint Shaker Aamer, released from Gitmo in October after nearly 14 years, could tell of in a British TV interview was “they just suck all your feelings out of you,” adding that “torture is not about beating. Torture is not about hanging from the ceiling with handcuffs and all that” — “all that” presumably being three square halal meals a day, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

Curiously, “The Most Transparent Administration in History” is now imposing new, severe restrictions on journalist access to Guantanamo Bay, with no more visits to the two detention centers where most detainees are housed, and no more interviews of guards and staff. Outgoing U.S. Southern Command chief Marine Gen. John Kelly told AP that the reason was: “We really did have to get some organization to what was going on down there.” After all these years?

Under Obama, information on the frequency of prisoners assaulting guards and conducting hunger strikes has stopped being made public.

It isn’t torture or mistreatment that the Obama administration is hiding from the world’s eyes within the walls of Guantanamo Bay; it’s that what we have down there is a luxury resort to house terrorists, and that the president is incrementally releasing those soldiers of jihad back onto the battlefield — after America has spent years fattening them up. Via: IBD 


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