Obama’s legacy of hate and division…

Obama, Holder and Sharpton didn’t just ask for this race war, they begged for it. We’re now seeing the results of years of coordination between race baiters like Sharpton and Farrakhan, communists who fund hateful demonstrations designed to instill fear and confusion in American citizens like George Soros, an overzealous, racist former Attorney General who turned a blind eye to truth and justice and the ultimate Community Organizer, Barack Hussein Obama.

The dead suspect who gunned down two WDBJ7 journalists sent ABC News a manifesto that says the Charleston church shooting triggered today’s killings, ABC reported.

bryce williams

For weeks, a man who identified himself as Bryce Williams called ABC News about pitching a story, but didn’t provide details. Today, he allegedly faxed a manifesto to ABC News about two hours after 24-year-old Alison Parker and 27-year-old Adam Ward were gunned down during a live television report in Virginia. He later called the station, confessing that he had killed two people.

The suspect – whose legal name is Vester Lee Flanagan – allegedly named the Charleston church shooting as the reason for today’s murders, revealing that he bought a gun just two days after the Charleston attack. He also claimed that the bullets he used today had the Charleston shooting victims’ initials on them.

The suspect, who said he was a gay, black man, claimed in the alleged manifesto that he has experienced racial discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying at work from both black men and white females.

He allegedly wrote, “The church shooting was the tipping point…but my anger has been building steadily…I’ve been a human powder keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM!!!!”.

Later in the manifesto, the writer quotes the Virginia Tech mass killer, Seung Hui Cho, and calls him “his boy,” and expresses admiration for the Columbine High School killers. “Also, I was influenced by Seung–Hui Cho. That’s my boy right there. He got NEARLY double the amount thatEric Harris and Dylann Klebold got…just sayin’.

In an often rambling letter to the authorities, and family and friends, he writes of a long list of grievances. In one part of the document, Williams calls it a “Suicide Note for Friends and Family”.

Via: FOX News

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