A sad sign of our times is the constant inability of grown men and women to control themselves under pressure. It’s even worse if it’s during a political debate or a sporting event. Can you imagine if these people ever came under real pressure? They’d fall apart! We have people like CNN’s Jim Acosta screaming at President Trump and Cory Booker raging during his “I am Spartacus” moment. Not to mention the Hillary supporters who have been having constant temper tantrums since they lost in 2016. Is it any wonder that we have so many professional athletes that also feel entitled to berate and belittle others instead of possibly being humble enough to seek compromise or admit they’re in the wrong?

As Daniel Henninger notes,

One thinks of the screaming audience members carried out of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Or the routine shout-downs of speakers on campuses. After the last presidential election, the advance guard of the resistance sat during rush hour in the middle of intersections. Members of Congress routinely throw tantrums now, as in the Peter Strzok hearing. Seen a White House press briefing lately?

Paul Joseph Watson agrees with Henninger  in that the Serena tantrum was a symptom of our times. He quotes Theodore Dalrymple: “Querulous self-righteousness, combined with a refusal to look inward or to examine one’s own conduct and motives, is characteristic of our age.”

Hillary Clinton comes to mind as someone who personifies the person of today who just can’t control their bitter inner thoughts and can’t let it go…She’s the literal definition of a ‘self-indulgent hissy fit’.

Who can forget this moment in the 2016 campaign:


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