Anyone else out there fed up?

The last 4 years under the Biden Regime have been almost intolerable, am I right?

Who knew our country could fall so far, so fast.

But sometimes you can’t tell people, you have to just show them, and I believe that’s what we’ve been living through.

You want all these Far-Left policies?

Ok, you got your wish….and now even most Biden Voters are saying they made a huge mistake.

People have had enough.

We want to fight back….

Strike back….

Do something!

But what?

And how can we do it Peacefully and Patriotically?

You see, my friend Jovan Pulitzer puts it this way:

I think that’s so well said.

We all know how important it is to vote, but we only get to do that ONE DAY once every 4 years.

That’s 1 day out of 1,460.

So what can we do with the other 1,459 days?

And how do we use our TIME and our MONEY to fight back?

That’s where I come in….

Well, me and 200,000 of my closest friends.

And I’m going to make you a promise right off the bat, that even though I talk about “Voting With Our Money”, I’m not going to ask you to spend a single extra dollar over what you’re already doing right now.  Deal?  In fact, I can probably save you a lot.  Sound good?

You see, for about a year and a half now, we’ve banded together to fight back against the big corporations that hate us…

You know, BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street to name just a few.

THIS Is How We Defeat BlackRock, Vanguard and the ESG-DEI Nightmare — Can I Count On You?

This may be one of the most important articles I’ve published in a while…

Let me explain why.

I’ll start at the beginning and I think you’ll really get it by the time I hit the end.

Ok, so why do we even care about BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street in the first place?

And who are they?

They are the three largest Asset Managers in the world.

Essentially, and this is no exaggeration, they are the people pulling the strings in the background.

These are the “Masters of the Universe”.

Larry Fink runs BlackRock and he is almost certainly more powerful than the President of the United States.

That’s not an exaggeration, and I’ll explain to you why in just a minute.

First, let’s start here with something called the “Illusion of Choice”.

Take a look at the image below….

You THINK there are all of these different brands to choose from out there, but they are really owned by TEN big corporations.

That’s true in food:

And it’s also true in Media.

Same exact thing….

You think there are a bunch of Newspapers, TV channels, radio stations, websites — but in 2011, SIX corporations controlled 90% of it all.

Ok, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because as bad as that is, here’s the part most people don’t tell you.

It’s actually way worse than that because there’s another whole layer on the pyramid at the very top that they never tell you about.

In fact, I bet most people reading this have never heard of BlackRock, Vanguard or State Street — or if you’ve heard about them you probably don’t know exactly what they do.

Or if you DO know exactly what they do, I bet you may never have realized why it’s a giant problem.

So let me explain it to you in real simple terms, and I think it will make a lot of sense.

Most people are paid every two weeks, usually on a Friday.

And most people have been coached to put 6% of their salary into their 401k and/or some other amount up to the employer match.

Great, right?

Well, here’s what’s actually happening.

Most of those funds go into ETFs and other investment vehicles managed by, you guessed it, BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street.

So they’ve built a system where millions upon millions of dollars are flowing in to them via YOUR 401k’s every two weeks.

You bust your butt at work and get a paycheck and you’ve been coached to give 6% of that check to these “Big 3”.

The Big 3 then get bigger and bigger and bigger every Friday!

What a great system, right?

For them it is.

And what are you told about it?

Almost nothing.

In fact, what do they tell you?

When you start your job, they tell you to set up your 401k auto-donation and then “forget about it”.

Isn’t that what they say?

Don’t even think about it!

The money will be there for you when you turn 65, but don’t think about it until then.

And DEFINITELY don’t ask who’s managing it or what they’re doing with it.

My friend Patrick Bet-David has been all over this, breaking the story wide open.

He was on Joe Rogan last week and he dropped this bombshell….

You think those charts above are bad?

That’s not even the worst of it.

Of the TEN food corporations and SIX media corporations, the control and ownership is actually way more centralized than that.

Remember all that money coming in every Friday from YOUR paychecks?

That goes to the Big 3, and they use it to own all of those companies.

So it’s not even the Big 10 Food Companies or the Big 6 Media companies….it’s just the Big 3.

And of the Big 3 it’s really mostly the Big 2.

Many believe the Big 2 may eventually take over State Street.

For those who like stats, here’s the stat for you:  88% of the companies in the S&P 500 has one of the Big 3 as that company’s biggest shareholder.

PBD breaks it all down here:

So…why do I tell you all of that?

Because when you centralize ownership and control, bad things start to happen.

What starts to happen is the Big 3 and their “affiliates” create things like ESG and DEI scores.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and it’s a score they give to companies to “keep them in line.”

So is DEI, which stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Don’t follow enough Far-Left “social” trends — not promoting enough Trans agenda or LGBTQ agenda or Climate Change agenda (i.e. Bud Light, Target, etc.)?

Then your score takes a huge hit!

That really explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Because I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve been in with people who say: this stuff doesn’t make any sense!  Why are these companies doing this?  Why would Bud Light TANK their company?  They know it’s not going to play well to the people who buy their beer?


And you’d be right to say that, but only if you assume Bud Light is trying to please the people who buy its products.

What if Bud Light had a higher master?

What if Bud Light was more concerned with its ESG score?

What if all the Executives at Bud Light knew that if their ESG score dropped too low, then their #1 Shareholder (the Big 3) would fire them and replace them with someone who would be “ESG Friendly”?

What if you’re pulling in a total comp package as a top exec in the $20 million range and your choice is to push the Far Left agenda and push LGBTQ or know that you’ll be fired and replaced in a year by the Big 3?

What do you do?

NOW what decision would you make?

Now is it suddenly making a lot more sense?

And there you have it.

Now I think you get it.

Now suddenly every single corporation turning their logo to the Rainbow Flag in June suddenly makes a lot of sense.

Once again, here is my friend PBD explaining ESG in much more detail:

Now let’s recap…

Do you see how insidious this is?

A big chunk of YOUR paycheck goes to prop up the Big 3 every single Friday, they get bigger and stronger, they use that money to buy all the major corporations in the world, and then they force them to do things you would NEVER support.

Sick, right?

Now let me bring this in for a landing…

And here’s why I’m telling you about this.

Because we don’t just report the news here and then say “good luck”!

No, we give you solutions!

Now back to my Mission and my solution.

I figured I would eventually need to build a Parallel-Economy from the ground up.

I knew that would be a ton of work.

So it was on my back-burner.

In fact, it had been there on my back-burner since about 2016.

Until suddenly, in January of 2023, I connected with a company I had never heard of before….but they’re MASSIVE.

They’ve been in business for over 35 years and they’re a VERY pro-American, pro-Liberty, pro-Conservative values company!

They’re an American based, Made-In-America, warehoused-in-America, shipped-from-America company!

In fact, they’re the last private, family-owned, pro-American consumer goods company left in America NOT owned by those 11 companies I showed you above.

Oh, and what if I told you the products are BETTER and often CHEAPER than what you get from those 11 companies above?

Yes, for real.

And their founder was once placed on Barack Hussein Obama’s list of the Top 10 most “Dangerous Conservatives” in America?

(a list I one day hope to make myself!)

Once I learned all of that, I knew I no longer had to build this from the ground-up by myself, I simply needed to partner with this awesome company to help them get the word out.

So on top of being the last Family-owned major consumer goods manufacturer not part of the Big-11, comparable or often lower prices, supporting American jobs and families, here’s the part that ties in to the main point of this article”.

Non-toxic products!

That means no Arsenic, Cadmium, and Lead in their Spices!

Which really, if we’re being honest, should be the bare minimum for everyone, right?

Stunning I even have to tell you that, but I guess I do!

But it also means no Red Dye 40 or flouride in the toothpaste or chemicals in the cleaning products, or Deet in the mosquito repellant.

What novel concepts, right?

Oh, and Black Angus beef, pasture raised on hundreds of thousands of acres.

Free roaming with plenty of open air between all the cattle.

Grass fed.

No hormones and no antibiotics.  Never!

Oh, and it’s CHEAPER than Omaha Steaks!

But that’s a whole other topic!

Sound good to anyone else?

Me too!

The reason you’ve never heard of them is because it’s Invite Only.

I can get you in, but you can’t just go sign up.

They only want people on the same mission to join and they’re happy to say “no” to the Far-Left Libs!

They’ve been doing it for 37 years and it’s been working great.

Everyone gets a personal, white glove, concierge customer service support to get you access to everything they have.

Imagine that!

No call centers from India.

Just real, friendly, helpful and NICE Americans helping Americans!

Wow, like going back in a time-machine.

So it is Invite only…and good thing you know someone that has the invites….(me!).

If you’d like to find out more and get a FREE personal invite, just go here and tell them Noah sent you:  YES, SEND ME A FREE INVITE

It’s the real deal, and because they don’t raise the Black Angus like the big companies do, they may have the SHUT OFF invites if they grow too fast.

So if you want in, let me know soon.

There’s only one pro-American, American made and manufactured, chemical free, toxin free, hormone free, company left….and I’m teaming up with them to FIGHT BACK!

Who’s with me?

Watch this:

As I said, it’s Invite Only and the invite is completely free!

In fact, I’ve assembled a team of patriots who will personally get you invited and signed up….if you want in.

Americans Helping Americans.

Patriots Helping Patriots.

It’s called “Patriot Switch” and I think the name says it all.

Folks, we don’t have many strongholds left.

This is one.

And I’m all in.

If you’d like to find out more and get a FREE personal invite, just go here:  GET YOUR FREE INVITE HERE

Tell them Noah sent you and I promise you will get a personal call, text or email.

Don’t freak out when you do.

And make sure you tell them you are interested in the Black Angus beef too!

I know I tend to get concerned when I get messages from numbers I don’t recognize, but if you request a Free Invite (Link here) you WILL have someone from my Inner Circle reach out to you….so be ready!

These are awesome people and I think you’ll love getting a chance to talk with them.

And they’ll help get you all set up.

Who’s with me and who’s ready to stop eating Arsenic, Cadmium, and Lead?

Your friend,

– Noah

p.s. Since everyone gets personal attention, we will take these in the order in which they come in.  So if you are excited, ask for your invite now or you might be far down on the list.  I have a great team, but they can only do so much and they’ll work on a first-come, first-served basis.

Request a free Invite here:


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