Radio host Howard Stern slammed Bernie Sanders, saying the Vermont senator’s chances of defeating President Trump in a general election are slim to none.

Stern said he’s more worried about Sanders winning the Dem Party nomination than the coronavirus “pandemic.” He called Sanders Karl Marx Jr. and discussed the freebie policies Sanders wants to have if elected.

The best comment from Stern was when he said what he would have told Liz Warren about the non-disclosure agreement (NDA’s) that women signed after they claimed harassment by Bloomberg:

“They hit him with these naive business questions like NDAs. I would have turned to that Elizabeth Warren and said ‘Listen, Liz, you and Karl Marx Jr. have never run anything. You’ve never generated a job; you’ve never generated income. I have thousands of employees, people whose families have a life because of what I created, you didn’t get anything done, so shut the f*ck up.”

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