Joe Biden’s campaign has been clouded in controversy ever since a little videotaped interview showed him bragging about threatening the Ukranian government that the Obama regime would cut $1 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine if they didn’t fire the prosecutor assigned to his son’s dealings with a Ukrainian energy company, Bursima Holdings.

When President Trump called out Joe Biden for potentially using his role as Vice President to threaten the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor assigned to investigate his son’s company, he suddenly became the target of impeachment by the Democrat Party.

Democrat Party lawmakers are now using a whistleblower report, from an unnamed source, with hearsay information, who before making the complaint met with Democrat Judicial Committee Chair Rep. Adam Schiff’s top aid, as a reason to impeach President Trump.

In the report, the whistleblower shares hearsay information about a July 25 phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky, where President Trump allegedly threatened to withhold military funding from the U.S. unless the Ukraine president opened a new investigation into Joe’s son Hunter’s role with Bursima Holdings. President Zelensky has denied that President Trump made such a threat. President Trump released a transcript of the call that proved he never made such a threat, but the #ResistTrump members of Congress are a persistent bunch.

Shortly after the Ukraine scandal broke, it was discovered that Hunter Biden was also forming a private Chinese equity fund. In 2013, Hunter Biden met with a Chinese Banker during then-Vice President Joe Biden’s official trip to China.

According to NBC News, Hunter Biden claimed his meeting with the Chinese banker during his father’s official visit to China, was simply a social visit.

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Ever since Hunter Biden was called out over his curious roles in both Chinese and Ukraine companies, he’s been missing from the public eye. In his recent rallies, President Trump has mocked Hunter Biden’s disappearing act, asking his supporters “Where’s Hunter?” T-shirts and mugs have been selling online, asking, “Where’s Hunter?”

This morning, Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, appeared on ABC News to tell his side of the story. During the interview, Hunter Biden made an embarrassing attempt to fake cry. When the ABC News interviewer told him President Trump would likely be watching his interview, Hunter Biden told her, “It’s really hard for me to say anything snarky right now, or combative,” adding, “I was raised to respect that office.” Biden continued, as he held back fake tears, saying, “I don’t know, it’s making me emotional.” Biden’s huckster son continued, “I take no pleasure in watching the death spiral of this administration.”

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Huckster Hunter’s dad’s flailing campaign appears to be the only thing that’s in a “death spiral” right now, especially after his embarrassing interview with ABC News.


The Federalist- While the whistleblower complaint is based on hearsay, we do know that Joe Biden, while serving as vice president, pressured the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son’s company. Hunter Biden joined the board of Ukrainian national gas company Burisma in 2014 while his father was managing the United States’ Ukraine policy and despite zero personal experience in the field. At the time Hunter Biden joined its board, Burisma was embroiled in allegations of corruption, allegations serious enough that Ukraine’s prosecutor general launched an investigation into the company.

Joe Biden was so proud of his role in the prosecutor’s removal from investigating the company paying his son $50,000 per month merely to serve on its board that he actually bragged about it in a 2018 speech at an event for the publication Foreign Affairs. In this speech, Biden boasts his threat to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loans from Ukraine if they did not agree to fire the prosecutor who happened to be investigating the company giving his son a cushy sinecure.

Watch Biden brag about his role in having the prosecutor fired below:

The prosecutor was fired, and the investigation was dropped six months later. While the investigation was just reopened last year, it has been a slow-moving process that has turned up little. At the time Biden pushed for the firing of Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor general, Shokin had plans to question Hunter Biden.


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